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Free Fire Eggnog Account: How to get a donation

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Account in the jargon of games means a rich, successful account. Some gamers spend fortunes to fund their Free Fire accounts with the purchase of accessories, diamonds and even levels. Others, unable to invest, seek alternatives such as donations or low-cost purchases. The good news is that gamers get tired of playing, lose interest or want to profit from successful games. So the web is full of offers paid in Mercado Livre, OLX, Amazon and free for donation and exchange of lucky accounts on social networks, messengers and detachment sites. See how to try to get them for free on Free Fire, in the continuation of this article.

First of all, be aware that the indications, which appear below, are not always permanent or work at 100% – the sites and pages listed can go offline from one moment to the next. Keep in mind though that it is neither easy nor certain that one day you will be able to earn or buy cheap gemmed accounts. But to help, we’ve selected some pages where you can try your luck to finally have one of those accounts.

Where can I get donations to Free Fire?

  • Instagram: many Instagram pages are maintained by Free Fire aficionados such as the We Donate Free Fire Account. The page is well organized and kept active with frequent offers, in addition to promoting sweepstakes and publishing everything about what happens in the game.

  • Facebook: Some Facebook accounts are also created to announce donation and exchange FF gem accounts. If you are interested in how it works, visit Facebook Groups to donate Free Fire accounts. In this type of web page, the gamer stays on top of opportunities to donate, exchange and sell – some days more than others. Don’t give up and keep an eye out.

  • Whatsapp: just like social networks, messenger fans also take advantage of the ‘cue’ and create groups interested in donating / receiving donations from Free Fire accounts. The user just needs to access the WhatsApp Group for donating free Fire accounts, then log in by clicking the green button Join group.

  • Sites: Donarei is a site with offers to obtain donation and exchange of Free Fire accounts, Enjoei donating Free Fire account or Donation of Free Fire accounts, the three active and updated so far.

Remember, the links indicated may stop working overnight, but don’t give up because some end up and others appear – stay tuned!

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