Free 1-year license of Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive

Free 1-year license of Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive

Free license for 1 year Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive is Microsoft’s biggest ever promotion to bring customers new experiences as well as help new customers understand more about their services. Please quickly register and take advantage of this offer with ElectrodealPro in the article below.

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Microsoft is currently opening an attractive promotion with a huge incentive to get 1 year of Office 365 Personal (personal versions include Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote) with 1 TB (1TB = 1024 BB). Storage comes from OneDrive. With the big promotion who deals above, you should quickly register to receive Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive right now.

ban Quyen office 365

Before you start to sign up for the free 1-year license of Office 365 and 1tb OneDrive, you must create an account, sign up for Office 365 first, this account will be used to sign in for all Microsoft services including OneDrive.

Instructions for Sign up for 1-year free Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive

– To join, users only need to have 1 Mirosoft account using OneDrive service. – Account registered visa card for overseas payment
– We have used more than 5 GB of storage space on OneDrive (If not enough 5GB, you should upload more videos or ISO files to make 5GB as possible)
– Are using the free OneDrive plan, or have not gone through any subscription payments from OneDrive, Office 365 or Groove Music.
– Office 365 for automatic renewal, users before the end of the promotion 1 year can subscribe to the service with the amount of 1300000 VND, if not in use, turn off the Office 365 service to avoid losing money injustice
Step 1: Access come in to proceed with login.

ban Quyen office 365 1 year

Step 2: Click next this address to enter Microsoft’s promotions, then click for one year free to order.

key office 365

Step 3: Click the button pay to complete 1 year free license registration.

add 1tb one drive

Also you can refer to the terms from Microsoft if you want.

ban Quyen office 365

Step 4: Back to OneDrive will see our account becomes 1TB already.

ban Quyen office 365

So ElectrodealPro has finished guiding you how to register for free 1-year license of Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive. Also, after you have signed up for Office 365 and downloaded and used it, you can Upgrade to Office 2016 from Office 365 latest if you want. Hope this article is helpful for you and wish you all success!


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