Fraud Millions lost for gloves not received

Fraud Millions lost for gloves not received

A Quebec resale company that expected to receive nearly 100 million medical gloves ultimately never received the promised merchandise, and still has not seen the color of the millions of dollars invested, according to a civil lawsuit.

“The complainant did not know at the time of agreeing that [la compagnie Pure Living LTD] did not in fact represent any factory and was looking for a supplier who could produce the nitrile gloves that it has undertaken to deliver ”, we can read in the court document recently filed at the Montreal courthouse.

On May 31, the Quebec resale company Gestion Christian Thibert inc. has reached an agreement with Pure Living LTD, a company headquartered in Hong Kong, for a contract of nearly seven million dollars.

In total, Pure Living LTD had committed to supply 96,000,000 medical nitrile gloves, argues the court document.

Still no gloves

However, after having invested nearly four million dollars, the Quebec company still had not received a single glove. She was also unable to recover the amount of her deposits. The rest of the money was to be transferred after delivery.

The problem is that the deposits would no longer be in the hands of Pure Living LTD, but rather another seller by the name of JPK, a company in South Korea which was to supply the said gloves.

” [Pure Living LTD] then transferred the deposit she received from Thibert to JPK, a company that[elle] did not know, with which [elle] had never done business and whose [elle] did not know the directors or employees, ”said the lawsuit.

Embezzled money

However, the Hong Kong company in turn would not have been able to be reimbursed, either.

“The money was probably diverted between JPK and its Thai supplier”, we can read.

In “good faith”, she allegedly attempted to establish an amount she “could afford” to reimburse the complainant.

” [Pure Living LTD] claims she is unable to repay the deposit […] of having been the victim of an alleged fraud involving its suppliers and / or foreign agents, ”the document indicates.

” [La compagnie] is solely responsible for any failure and / or break in connection with the purchase of the product and / or has failed to refund the deposit, ”he continues.

Despite everything, due to a penalty related to its own buyers and a significant loss of profit, the Quebec company filed a civil lawsuit at the Montreal courthouse on February 3. It claims a total amount of $ 7,551,574.50, including nearly $ 2.5 million for lost profits.


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