Frantically hunt down rioters on Capital Hill

Frantically hunt down rioters on Capital Hill

(News 24h) – US investigators are facing the task of tracing and identifying the identities of hundreds of people as they have spread across the country.

Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Washington police are urgently searching for rioters at the National Assembly building on January 6.

According to CNN, both the FBI and the police have asked the Americans to assist them in identifying the people involved in the riot protest.

The FBI suggested on its website: “The FBI is looking for information to assist in identifying individuals who have actively incited violence in Washington DC. The FBI will receive information and images to find the rioters.” .

Some of the participants presented themselves or were identified by the media.

Since the majority of protesters were allowed to leave the building without being arrested, investigators now face the task of tracing and identifying hundreds of people as they scatter across the country.

Michael Sherwin, Acting Attorney General in Washington DC acknowledged the challenge of finding these people due to police failure to arrest protesters.

Only 41 people were arrested in the National Assembly area at the end of January 6 and early January 7. In which, 27 people were arrested for charges not related to the attacks on the National Assembly building. Sherwin’s office charged 55 people after the riots.

On January 7, the FBI said the Washington office had received more than 4,000 information from people, including photos and videos of suspects rioting Congress.

Intelligence analysts are sorting information and passing reliable leads to teams of agents involved. The investigators also used facial recognition software to identify the suspect.

Mr. EJHilbert, a former FBI agent, said the approach was similar to the Boston marathon bombers investigation. He assumed that the FBI would watch all the related videos.

In the coming weeks, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will receive a series of requests to find the identities of people who have posted videos of inside the Parliament building, according to Hilbert.

Steven D’Antuono, assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, said: “You are leaving the metropolitan area, but you will still be knocked on your door if we find you are involved. criminal activities in the National Assembly ”.

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Richard Barnett put his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk.

In the new development, US officials have forced the man to sit with his feet on the table of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This is one of many riot protesters who broke into the National Assembly on January 6.

Federal officials said this person, named Richard Barnett in Arkansas, was detained on the morning of January 8 (US time) in Little Rock.

Barnett was accused of intentionally entering and staying in the forbidden areas of the building without permission, entering violence, committing disorganized behavior in the congressional area, stealing public property.

An Alabama citizen has also been accused of a tube bomb found south of Parliament. His car also has 11 gas bombs and military-style weapons.

What crime do rioters in Congress face?

The US Department of Justice said rioters in Congress would face charges of incite and rebellion. Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen called the attack on Capitol Hill a target of the government and the rule of law, and announced that those involved would “face the full consequences of the actions it took”.

Vice President Mike Pence pledged this number will be tried with the most severe penalty of the law.

Acting Federal Attorney in Washington DC, Mr. Michael Sherwin on January 7, said that 55 protesters were accused of crimes. Most of these were charged with illegal hacking. A few are subject to serious crimes, such as attacking the police. At least 14 police officers were injured in this case.

Legal experts acknowledge that, in this case, protesters committed many crimes and prosecutors can charge each individual even if they leave the scene without being detained. They can fall into frames like intrusion, ruin in federal property, carry weapons when police have found two explosive devices …

However, riot protesters will have a chance of getting off the hook if there is an amnesty from the President. Mr. Trump can pardon the number no matter what crime they commit. Before that, the White House boss pardoned many people involved in many controversial cases.

In the event of a riot in the National Assembly building, Mr. Trump theoretically even has the authority to issue a blanket pardon that applies to anyone involved in the seizure of the National Assembly building. although he did not know the names of these people and not all of them were officially charged.

There are very few legal guidelines for “general amnesty”. But there are also many cases of US presidents issuing such amnesty. After the 1861-1865 Civil War between the north-south, President Andrew Johnson granted unconditional amnesty to the soldiers who had served in the defeated army of the Confederation of the South. President Jimmy Carter in 1977 pardoned more than 200,000 people who escaped military service.

After unprecedented riots in the US Congress, many extremists continued to call for violence before Joe Biden took office.

According to CNN, social media appeared filled with calls for violence like “Trump or war. Today. The simple thing ”,“ If you can’t shoot: You need to learn. Right now ”,“ We’ll take over government buildings… ask for a recount ”…

After the riots in the National Assembly, experts warned that calls for violence will only increase before Mr. Biden’s inauguration on January 20.



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