France detected people with Covid-19 from December 2019
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France detected people with Covid-19 from December 2019

France detected people with Covid-19 from December 2019 - 1

Champs Elysees Boulevard, Paris, France taken on 4/5 (Image: AFP)

Reuters The hospital, Avicenne and Jean Verdier, Paris, tested old samples from patients suffering from pneumonia from late last year to January this year. They found out they had treated a Covid-19 patient on December 27, 2019, almost a month before the government confirmed the first case in France.

The head of the recovery department at Yves Cohen Hospital said a total of 24 samples had been re-tested and one positive for Covid-19.

Mr. Cohen said each sample was tested several times to make sure there were no technical errors and errors.

France, which currently has nearly 25,000 people died from Covid-19 from 1/3, confirmed the first 3 cases on 24/1.

Mr Cohen said it was too early to tell if the patient on December 27 was the French “patient”. Follow Reuters, Knowing the first person to carry the germ is considered important in understanding how the virus has spread.

Mr. Cohen said the patient had recovered from his symptoms and an investigation was conducted.

“This person was ill for 15 days and had infected 2 children but not his wife who worked in a supermarket. The patient was surprised because he did not understand why he was infected with the virus because he did not go anywhere (in the time before he was infected), ”said Mr. Cohen.

“The only contact he made was with his wife,” Cohen said, emphasizing that the patient’s wife worked near a Sushi counter, close to her Chinese colleagues. It is unclear whether these colleagues had been to China at the time and officials were investigating this.

“We wonder if this woman is an asymptomatic case,” Mr. Cohen said.

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