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France: 600 'Yellow Vests' protesters meet at next meeting to discuss plan

Movement "Yellow Vests" participated in protests in the city of Bordeaux, France on May 25, 2019. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

The meeting, which takes place at an old museum in the city of Montpellier, will last until the end of November 3, before the one-year-round (November 17) of the "Yellow Vests" movement to conduct protests against. policies to increase fuel prices, high cost of living of the government.

The "yellow vests" movement, consisting of people wearing yellow reflective vests, began its first demonstration on November 17, 2018, stemming from the government's announcement of a policy of increasing prices of some high-priced active goods. . This protest later turned into a nearly weekly protest movement demanding that President E.Macron resign.

Most recently, protests took place in the city of Montpellier after the French Government announced a draft budget in 2020, which included a plan to reduce taxes of 9.3 billion euros for households, including 5 billion euros in tax cuts for about 12 million households, to end the protests.

So far, the movement's scale and number of protesters have fallen significantly from their original levels, but some activist groups still maintain Saturday protests in cities across France. , arguing that President Macron still does not care about the needs of vulnerable members like poor workers.

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