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Fragments of Chinese missiles crashed into the Indian Ocean

TPO – Chinese media reported that the fragment of the country’s Truong Chinh 5B missile fell into the Indian Ocean this morning, after being burned largely through the atmosphere.

It is known that fragments of the Truong Chinh 5B missile returned to the atmosphere at 10:24 am May 9 (Beijing time) and landed at the location of 72.47 east longitude, 2.65 North latitude.

The Chinese missile wreckage was located in the Indian Ocean, west of the Maldives archipelago.

Most of the debris was burned as it passed through the atmosphere. Experts believe that this is one of the largest space debris to return to Earth. Estimated weight of the debris is about 18 to 22 tons.

Some scientists believe that it is irresponsible for China to let the missile debris return to Earth uncontrollably.

Previously, the missile Truong Chinh 5B was launched from Hainan Island (China) on April 29, carrying the first module of the Thien Cung space station.

This is the second deployment of the Truong Chinh 5B missile. In May 2020, another Truong Chinh 5B missile was launched and debris crashed on Ivory Coast, damaging several buildings but causing no casualties.

According to experts, since the earth’s surface is mostly ocean, the possibility that terrestrial settlements will be affected by missile debris is extremely low.

The China Global Times has also denied the “Western rhetoric of exaggerated concern” that “missile fragments could fall out of control and cause damage”.

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