FPT Shop simultaneously opened 30 modern "new standard" laptop centers across the country - VnReview

FPT Shop simultaneously opened 30 modern “new standard” laptop centers across the country – VnReview

On January 22, 2021, FPT Shop simultaneously opened 30 modern laptop centers with many attractive incentives and after-sales. At the same time, the system also on shelves 3 versions of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with exclusive warranty policy “1 for 1 new machine in 1 year”.

This chain of 30 laptop centers specializes in selling laptops and related accessories, as part of FPT Shop’s plan to open 68 laptop centers in all provinces in the first quarter of 2021, showing the new year orientation of the system. this retail system.

It is known that in 2020 when the whole world falls into difficulties due to the Covid-19 translation, the laptop will be the “savior” item for FPT Shop with a breakthrough growth of 60%, one of the major contributors. into revenue and gross profit of FPT Shop.

The 2021-targeted system continues to maintain the pioneer position in new products, high-end products, and especially gaming laptops. Therefore, we have officially entered the journey of opening 68 modern laptop centers, becoming a technology destination in every province across the country right in the first quarter of 2021.“- Mr. Nguyen The Kha, Director of FPT Shop System Mobile Telecom.

Mr. Nguyen The Kha, Director of FPT Shop System, said the outstanding standards of laptop centers.

As specialized “laptop centers” and built according to new standards, the system of laptop centers of FPT Shop is expected to attract customers thanks to 5 standards: Good price, diverse products; Professional Consulting, Quick Support, Dedicated service. In particular, the good price standard is considered the advantage of FPT Shop because as a major partner of all computer brands, customers who buy laptops at the system will always see attractive discounts.

Laptop products will come from all brands and product ranges in many different segments, from VND 6,000,000 to VND 60,000,0000, in the popular product lines such as: gaming laptops, graphics laptops – technology, thin and light laptops for business people, laptops for students – students, … Notably, FPT Shop is the leading system in gaming laptops today. The system also quickly updates the latest products to serve the needs of users.

FPT Shop laptop center has a team of staff who are deeply trained to be able to give full advice to customers, give advice at the store and through online support software. In addition, FPT Shop implements many support programs such as: free home delivery, product installation assistance, product consultation that best suits the needs of customers …

On the occasion of opening 30 laptop centers, FPT Shop will offer discounts of up to 30% on all laptops sold here. Accordingly, all customers who choose to buy a laptop at FPT Shop Laptop Center from January 22 to January 31, 2021 will receive a 10% – 30% discount on the price of the laptop. Specifically, laptops with Asus, HP, Dell, MSI brands are immediately reduced by 10%, Lenovo and Acer laptops are reduced by 15%. The store also continuously selects and sells products that are loved by many people and 30% discount compared to the listed price.

In addition, all customers who choose to buy a laptop here will be paid 0% interest in installments, no need to prepay, lucky money up to 5,000,000 VND when paying directly, gifting vouchers, fashion laptop backpacks, etc. according to the product, try Samsung LCD for 15 days.

FPT Shop opens for sale Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with exclusive offers “1 for 1 new device in 1 year”

Microsoft Surface is very popular in many countries around the world, but in Vietnam, the product has not been widely distributed, so many people do not know or know it, but have many difficulties in purchasing and warranty. Products. FPT Shop’s laptop center system is a reliable address for those wishing to buy Microsoft Surface Pro 7, with the exclusive “1 for 1 new device in 1 year” warranty policy at this system.

FPT Shop officially launches 3 versions of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with an exclusive warranty package “1 for 1 new machine in 1 year”, including: Intel Core i5 CPU + 128GB SSD hard drive priced at 24,990,000 VND, Intel CPU Core i5 + 256GB SSD is priced at VND 29,490,000, Intel Core i7 CPU + 256GB SSD hard drive is priced at VND39,990,000. In addition, customers have the option to buy a keyboard included in the box (with 2 versions of Intel Core i5 CPU) or buy a keyboard to use. All Surface Pro 7 devices purchased at FPT Shop, if they encounter any manufacturer error and are within the warranty, will be exchanged for a new 100% (full box) device.


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