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FPT High School unfortunately stopped at the Hanoi student basketball tournament

After 2 convincing victories, FPT High School confidently entered the round of 16 teams at the Hanoi Student Basketball Tournament, meeting Nguyen Binh Khiem high school opponent.

This is a match in which the young players of the two teams are extremely determined, they focus on the defensive front and create a choking scenario to the end.

The excellent defensive ability of the two sides was shown in the 16-15 score in favor of Nguyen Binh Khiem High School, when the 4th half was only 2 minutes away.

FPT High School bid farewell to the tournament.

With just 1 point, FPT High School played with great spirit in the last minutes. Joy came to them when there were 2 free-throw opportunities when the 4th half was about to end.

Unfortunately, FPT was unable to keep its cool head and missed two scoring opportunities. The match ended with a breathtaking 16-15 victory for Nguyen Binh Khiem High School.

For young players of FSchool, this unfortunate defeat will be a lesson for them to be more mature in the future.



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