FPT became Airbus' VnReview's global number conversion partner

FPT became Airbus' VnReview's global number conversion partner

FPT has just become one of the first five partners in the world with Airbus to launch a Skywise partner program, paving the way for accelerating the digital transformation of the global aviation industry.

This information was announced by Airbus in the framework of the largest aerospace exhibition in the world, the Paris Air Show 2019 took place from June 17-23 in Paris, France. The other four partners are European and world leading technology companies including IBM, Accenture, Capgemini and Sopra Steria.

Skywise is the first data platform, application store for the world aviation industry, launched by Airbus in mid-2017 with the aim of helping all airlines around the world improve their operations and business results. Time to support these businesses in the digital transformation process. In December 2017, FPT was the first technology company in Southeast Asia to participate in Skywise development.

According to Airbus, through the Skywise platform, the world's leading IT services businesses will pave the way to developing an application store for the aerospace industry to speed up the industry's digital transformation process. This scale is over 800 billion USD.

FPT became one of Airbus' five global Skywise digital partner partners

Mr. Mathew Evans, Airbus Director of Global Skywise Project, said: "Airbus and FPT have collaborated on the Skywise project in a comprehensive and extensive way. This is an airline project for the whole world. I will not only go together in the first phase but will continue to work closely in the future. "

According to Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, Chairman of FPT Software, becoming a partner of Airbus Skywise development platform, Airbus is the door for FPT to provide comprehensive digital transformation services in the airline industry. This is the result of new technology investment orientation and co-operation with companies that own the world's leading technology platform that FPT has pursued for many years. This is also FPT's new step on the way to become a comprehensive digital transformation solution provider with a vision for the next 10 years to TOP 50 companies providing global digital transformation services.

FPT is currently present in 45 countries, has a team of more than 16,000 engineers owning thousands of new technology certificates, deploying projects for more than 600 companies worldwide, especially with experience in the aviation sector. When deploying applications, specialized solutions based on mobile technology, cloud computing for major airlines since 2012. These are strong points for FPT to become one of the first 5 global partners. of Airbus.

FPT has participated in developing Skywise platform right in the early stages. For nearly 2 years, FPT has supported Airbus to collect, standardize and integrate data of more than 30 airlines in 15 countries worldwide into the Skywise platform. Airbus' goal for 2019 is to have 100 airlines and more than 10,000 aircraft globally connected to the platform.

Skywise is considered the "heart" of aviation technology. With the ability to collect aviation data from various sources, Skywise will help airlines improve business efficiency by reducing disruption of flights; reduce maintenance costs through predictive maintenance strategies; optimize flight operations as well as fleet management; Make faster decisions to deal with unexpected incidents. Moreover, by integrating operational, maintenance and aircraft data into a safe and open platform, airlines can store, access, manage and analyze these data. without having to invest in additional infrastructure.

With Skywise, Airbus aircraft operators will have the opportunity to leverage the accumulated knowledge of 20,000 Airbus engineers that have tracked the performance of each aircraft during the operation. Currently the platform owns a huge data source collected from 80 airlines and more than 5,000 aircraft worldwide.


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