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Foxit Reader 9.0 major version recently released


Foxit Reader 9.0 is the latest version of the free PDF reader software. About Foxit Reader 9.0 and the new features of Foxit Reader 9.0 will be summarized and shared in detail below. Invite you to consult and learn the latest features that Foxit Reader 9.0 brings when using.

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If you need to read PDF files then Foxit Reader 9.0 will be a solution that everyone cannot ignore. Foxit Reader 9.0 is released by the vendor Foxit Software. This is the latest version to read PDF completely free for Windows users. New version Foxit Reader will come with new features and improvements. Along with that, the software is also updated with security fixes and works much more stable.

foxit reader 9 0 new version of the manga

1. How to update Foxit Reader 9.0

There are 2 ways to check whether your computer or laptop is up to date with the latest Foxit Reader version.

– Method 1: You can immediately go to Help => Check for updates => Click update.
– Method 2: Go to the main website of Foxit Software to download the latest version. You can download a new version from the website and upgrade existing versions of the program or reinstall.

2. New features of Foxit Reader 9.0

The evaluation of the new features of Foxit Reader 9.0 will be based on the old features of Foxit Reader 6.0 from 2013. These new features will be divided into two main features, the usability and security features.

– Foxit Reader 9.0 allows users to export digital IDs instantly.
Foxit Reader MSI package comes with new Enterprise security features like Windows Information Protection (WIP) and support for the IRM PDF V2 specification from Microsoft.
– Foxit Reader 9.0 is capable of automatically editing a PDF document so that the content displayed in a column is more suitable.
– Advanced search function can highlight all search results in one PDF file
– Form improvements. User can retain font properties when copying / pasting text.
– Support for accelerated movies so that users can use them most conveniently.
Foxit Reader 9.0 is a powerful PDF file reader, with a very fast and gentle processing speed. Foxit Reader 9.0 is not simply a PDF file reader, but also supports additional features such as signing or protecting PDF files.



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