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Found holes existed for decades on solar panels

A group of scientists from Manchester University (UK) seems to have solved an important flaw affecting the performance of solar panels. Worth mentioning, this error occurs in all solar panels worldwide and it has existed for 40 years.

The reasonable and relatively abundant investment cost makes solar energy to this point still one of the most popular renewable energy sources. However, most energy cells achieve only about 20% efficiency.

Now, an international team of scientists said they have solved a fundamental problem to raise this level of performance. Over the past four decades, more than 270 research projects have been conducted and so far the answer of the problem has been there.

Now let's try to find out what the problem is. After this observation and measurement time, the scientists found that after the first few hours of operation, the energy efficiency of the panels decreased from 20% to 18%. It sounds small, but considering the larger range, the difference will be extremely huge.

After the use of electrical and optical-related techniques, the researchers found a problem in silicon that is often used to make panels. Material defects make the transition from photovoltaics to electricity hindered, thereby affecting the electricity production of the entire system.

Because of the impact of the environment and the defect right on the battery itself, it is therefore the overall performance that is lost after using time. Currently, scientists are still in the research phase to continue this issue and one of the things that they are urgently doing is to provide solutions to overcome the above problem.


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