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The World Economic Forum (WEF) on Feb. 3 announced that the annual meeting, which has been postponed and moved from Switzerland to Singapore, will continue to be delayed due to pandemic-related challenges. COVID-19.

The WEF announcement stated that the Davos 2021 conference would be delayed until August 17-20. The announcement said: “Changes in event staging times reflect the global challenges in the process pandemic control. Movement restrictions around the world made it difficult to organize face-to-face meetings in the first half of this year. Furthermore, the quarantine regulations and different transport also increases the time required for those who want to join the event.

[Hội nghị cấp cao Davos 2021 phải hoãn tổ chức do dịch COVID-19]

In addition, the announcement underscored the importance of the 2021 Davos conference, pointing out that the event would be “the first global leadership conference to address the world’s challenges in post-recovery. a pandemic, as well as laying the foundation for a sustainable and inclusive world.

The announcement stated: “The conference is an opportunity for leaders to meet face to face and focus on the solutions to the most difficult challenges in the current period.

WEF founder – Mr. Klaus Schwab – also said that the Davos 2021 conference will “provide opportunities for leaders of governments, businesses and civil society, to work together step by step to build the global recovery process. “./.

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