Fortnite to host short film festival: Short Nite

The pun is so good that the news could stop there, concluding that Fortnite again folded the game. Short Nite will benc the next event in-game organized by Fortnite and dedicated to the short film. We will not repeat the blow of the analysis which says that the Battle Royale ofEpic Games is now as much a social network or a activity platforms than a video game, but we still see here a new proof.

Fortnite has already been the scene of cinema-related events, with the broadcast of exclusive trailers, also with partnerships only marketing or even the broadcast of full movies. We will nevertheless focus on the meaning that such an event can have. First, hold an in-game, in the age of social distancing, is more than welcome. While the cinemas are still closed, and that the Césars have just published their strange nominations where the same 5 films – the only ones having been able to come out between the two closing periods… – are nominated in all categories, we welcome with open arms initiatives that forward the 7th art.

But also, we appreciate the idea of ​​highlighting the short film, a genre that is not necessarily popular, that we see more usually in film circles, or in shows broadcast in the middle of the night. Yes Fortnite can use its popularity to serve the genre, and to introduce short programs to its young (and not so young) players, we can only applaud the initiative!

Short Nite, the short film festival in Fortnite, will take place on Île de la Fête Royale on February 20 from 8 p.m. French time, and should last about thirty minutes with ten short films. The event will then be multi-broadcast during the next 24 hours.


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