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Fortnite premieres Christopher Nolan’s e trailer

Fortnite, what to say? As everyone knows, in addition to being a video game which caused a fury thanks to its battle royale, the game of Epic Games does not stop there. Thanks to its notoriety and its more ingenious ideas than the others to develop the world of gaming, Fortnite becomes a multi-use platform by broadcasting concerts or trailers as a short extract from Star Wars: The Ascension of Skywalker screened late last year.

Something new on the events side Fortnite. Here are the feature film trailers arriving after the in-game concert that had been talked about. Christopher nolan is in place, and his all-new Tenet movie was released on the Fortnite Royal Party mode platform that night.

It was Friday May 22 at 2:00 a.m. Christopher nolan and Warner Studios presented the brand new trailer for their new $ 200 million production.

Epic Games reportedly talked about broadcasting a movie for free as announced Geoff Keighley, producer of The Game Awards, in a tweet posted on May 22. This summer, a feature film acclaimed by the filmography of Christopher nolan can be viewed within Fortnite – without paying anything. “More details on the film in question and the date of its release soon,” said Epic Games.

The actor John David Washington, being the hero of this film, must defuse the start of a Third World War by reversing the flow of time. You can also find Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, Elizabeth Debicki or the French Clémence Poésy.

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