Forrest Gump was silly for $ 28 billion because he invested in Apple - Photo 1.

Forrest Gump 'You stupid' Forrest Gump has got $ 28 billion for investing in Apple

In the film won an Oscar Forrest Gump, there was a segment showing the character of the same name played by Tom Hanks receiving an acknowledgment letter from Apple after his colleague 'Lieutenant Dan' invested him in a 'certain fruit company'. This movie has been released for 25 years, and if the character still holds Apple's stock, it now has more than $ 28 billion!

It is impossible to know for sure how much character Dan invested in Bubba Gump Shrimp's profits (owned by Forrest Gump) on Apple, but we can also estimate it to be about $ 100,000. With this investment, Forrest Gump will have about 3% of the shares of Apple technology company (1,476,460 shares) in 1980.

When the novel Forrest Gump was released in 1986, the shares were worth $ 46 million, and when the film was released in 1994, it rose to 91.5 million. These are very impressive numbers, but not 'nothing' if we compare with what this 'silly brother' can get if he holds stocks until now. Earlier this month, Apple was worth $ 939.7 billion, and only 3% of that alone helped him with $ 28,191 billion.

That's right, nearly $ 30 billion just because you have a 'household investment' on a certain 'anonymous company'. I wish we all had good friends like 'Forrest Gump's Lieutenant Dan'!

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