Formulated with 80 degrees of alcohol from 90 degrees alcohol, 100 degrees to make an anti-virus hand sanitizer
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Formulated with 80 degrees of alcohol from 90 degrees alcohol, 100 degrees to make an anti-virus hand sanitizer

Alcohol 80 degrees is 80% alcohol by volume is pure alcohol. You can simply understand that 100 ml of 80 degree alcohol will contain 80 ml of pure alcohol, the remaining 20% ​​is water (or other fluids).

According to the study, 80-degree alcohol is the preferred choice for killing viruses, while 70-degree alcohol is usually only recommended to kill bacteria.

Here is the formula for making 80-degree alcohol from 90-degree alcohol, 100 degrees extremely easy and cheap, please refer.

Mixing alcohol 80 degrees

Mix alcohol from 90 degrees to 80 degrees


  • 8 bottles of 90 degree alcohol.
  • 1 clean, large plastic or glass bottle, volume of at least 500ml.

The phase steps include:

Step 1: Pour 1 bottle of alcohol into the prepared plastic bottle.

Step 2: Pour pure water into the empty bottle just so that it is equal to the volume of the other bottles (use unopened bottles to compare). Then pour that amount of pure water into a large plastic bottle.

Step 3: Continue pouring the remaining 7 bottles of alcohol into a large plastic bottle and shaking gently for 2 solutions to mix together.

So you’ve got an 80-degree alcohol solution that can be used to kill viruses. Please take out the small bottles to carry around and use when needed.

Mix 100 degrees alcohol to 80 degrees

You need to prepare 4 bottles of 100 degree alcohol. Then 4 volumes of alcohol 100 degrees with 1 volume of water. The steps are the same as above.

Mix alcohol 80 degrees from alcohol 70 degrees and 90 degrees

You can take the same volume of alcohol 70 degrees and alcohol 90 degrees mixed together to form 80 degrees alcohol. That is, how many ml of 70 degree alcohol is mixed with that much ml of 90 degree alcohol.

To kill bacteria in the home, you can use 70 degrees alcohol to regularly clean the dining area, children’s toys, toilets, doorknobs, etc.

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