Formula Drone One - A beautiful flying car inspired by the 1950s F1 Ferrari racing car

Formula Drone One – A beautiful flying car inspired by the 1950s F1 Ferrari racing car

Some carmakers imagine the future as a world of fully self-driving, unmanned vehicles and still clinging to the ground. Italian original design firm Lazzarini Design Studio looks at the sky again and gives us a glimpse of what to expect.

More specifically, it is a flying car with long autonomy and considerable travel distance, and has a design reminiscent of the distinctive style, captivating curves of Formula 1 racing cars. Ferrari in the 1950s. As Lazzarini said, when you think about the future, you must not forget the past. This flying car concept is the embodiment of that concept.

Video introducing Formula Drone One concept cars

Lazzarini Design Studio has a reputation for creating striking concept cars and aircraft concepts, as well as a tendency to integrate classic elements with futuristic architecture to create the most impressive results. Lazzarini even designs yachts, and some are taking orders right now.

The new flying car of the Italian design company is called FD-One, short for Formula Drone One. It is a 2-seater flying vehicle that promises both aesthetics and performance. FD-One has a futuristic-looking appearance, and it looks very comfortable.

Ferrari’s Formula 1 race car was the inspiration for FD-One

It was inspired by Ferrari F1 cars designed in the 1950s, but in reality it resembled a three-winged helicopter operated by a hybrid system combining an electric motor and a gasoline engine. It is a tribute to the past and the pinnacle of manufacturing excellence of the F1 Ferrari, while improving the application for a future where traveling on the sky becomes more convenient, more efficient and more speed.

Lazzarini imagined that the FD-One would operate on six electric motors: four at the front and two at the back, near the propellers. Under the hood will be a V12 motor connected to the electric motor via a conveyor system. All 3 battery assemblies will be placed at the bottom of the flying car, the most reasonable position.

FD-One is a flying car powered by an advanced hybrid system

The design company didn’t say why they decided to make a hybrid instead of full power, but maybe because they wanted to stay connected to the past.

FD-One will weigh 900 kg and 7.3 meters long, allowing 2 people to sit comfortably in the cockpit. It was not designed with a part of the roof, so one could assume that the two people seated would need to wear protective gear and a helmet.

Drivers need to wear protective gear and helmet to ensure safety

With a carbon-fiber body, FD-One retains the cockpit details, exhaust pipes and racing paint stripes of the cars that inspired it, but can fly in the sky at high speeds. up to 500 km / h, according to the designer. Lazzarini estimates the car has an autonomy of about 3 hours, not too much but enough to give you a one-way ticket on the daily commute before plugging in the charger again.

Alternatively, you can use the V12 engine as a backup for longer flights, assuming that there is no local battery replacement option. But based on the appearance of FD-One, it seems that the design team did not imagine using it for trips too far.

FD-One can fly at speeds of 500 km / h, and fly for 3 hours with electricity

Also, this may be the craziest thing about this concept car: based on information from DesignBoom, it could soon be translated from paper to the real world. Lazzarini said that they are talking to investors to take the idea to the next stage.

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