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Former Tesla engineer admitted to autopilot source code … upload to iCloud, can be brought to China

Guangzhi Cao, a former Tesla engineer who is on trial for stealing business secrets earlier this week, admitted that he downloaded the documents and source code of Tesla's autopilot self-driving mode. iCloud account of individuals at the end of 2018 while still working for this company. Earlier this year, Tesla sued the engineer for saying that Cao had stolen self-propelled vehicle technology to bring to Xiaopeng Motors (XPeng), a Chinese startup funded by Alibaba.

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Previously, Cao denied the theft of sensitive information from Tesla. His lawyers said that he "tried his best to erase Tesla's data before quitting." At the moment, Cao is Xpeng's director of awareness, responsible for broadcasting. developing self-driving technology for commercial vehicles.

Even to find a way to convict Cao, Tesla asked Apple to ask for documents from the group. Apple was completely unrelated to the case, but earlier Zhang Xiaolang, an Apple employee working on Apple's Project Titan self-driving car, was convicted by the FBI of stealing business secrets last July. . The man used the Air Drop feature to transfer sensitive data to his wife's laptop, and was shot by security cameras with Mr. Zhang leaving the company with a box of equipment taken from the workplace. Before his arrest, Zhang quit his job at Apple and intended to work on XPeng. Previously, Cao worked as an engineer to develop image recognition technology for Apple's Project Titan for 2 years before returning to Tesla to work.

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The lawsuit was in the midst of a commercial war, with one of the reasons that the US accused of stealing intellectual property assets of some Chinese businesses for a number of US businesses.

Last March, Tesla filed a petition High. This individual is one of about 40 people who has access to the source code of Tesla's Autopilot technology. They accused Cao of downloading the full source code of the Autopilot-related software to iCloud. At the end of 2018, Cao deleted about 120,000 data files from his work computer, disconnected the iCloud account, cleared the browser history when he started applying to XPeng to work. Tesla also said Cao tried to seduce another Tesla engineer to XPeng in February.

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Now, Cao has admitted that he copied the source code of Autopilot, uploaded to his personal iCloud account at the end of 2018, confirmed that XPeng sent him an invitation to work on 12/12/2018. Cao disconnected the iCloud account from the laptop Tesla provided on December 26, and continues to log into Tesla's system from January 27 to January 1, 2019. However, he still denies bringing the documents and source code of Autopilot back to XPeng to use, and said that he deleted those documents, but did not specify whether they deleted them all or not.

Cao's lawyer said that the remaining information in his client's iCloud account after leaving Tesla was simply "unintentionally". They also claimed that Cao did not use any information downloaded after leaving the company, nor did they give them to XPeng. XPeng also created a copy of Cao's laptop data while working at this company and sent it to Tesla.


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