Former President Trump's lawyer makes a daily truth video program

Former President Trump’s lawyer makes a daily truth video program

After the 2020 US general election, female attorney Jenna Ellis has sued over election fraud disputes for President Trump. She announced on February 15 that it would start a daily video program, titled “Just the Truth “ (Only Truth). This suggests she will probably continue to tell the truth about the US general election in the show.

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Ellis announced her new news in a tweet on February 15, saying:

“New news: What you asked for, we are sending out!”

“I am delighted to announce that I will be partnering with ‘Real America’s Voice‘(Genuine American Voice),’ Just The News’ (Just News), and my friend John Solomon to host a daily video and podcast! ”

“Please stay tuned! ‘Just the Truth’ ”

This tweet shows Ms. Ellis’s daily program named “Just The Truth”, as a constitutional attorney, she will continue to tell the truth about the United States in a new field. Chances are also include facts about the 2020 US general election.

Mr. John Solomon, founder “Just The News” (Just the News) and award-winning senior investigative reporter, retweeted Ellis’s above tweet.

Ms. Gina Loudon, director and presenter “True American Voice” (Real America Voice), also retweeted Ms. Ellis’ tweets. At the same time, Ms. Loudon expressed her pleasure in welcoming Ellis to join. Ms. Loudon also hopes Ellis’ daily program will be great.

“Just The News” and “Real America’s Voice” are all emerging political news channels of the conservative faction. Ms. Gina Loudon on the show of “Real America’s Voice” used to be a media consultant for TT’s election campaign. Trump.

Mr. Jason Meister, another consultant in the TT’s campaign. Trump also retweeted Ms. Ellis and praised: “A powerful voice of truth. They are so lucky to have you, congratulations! “

After Election Day on November 3, 2020, TT’s campaign group. Trump uncovered a lot of evidence of Democratic election fraud. Ms. Ellis, as a senior advisor in TT’s legal proceedings team. Trump, worked with the TT’s own advisor. Trump, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, aims to help the president. Trump fought in a legal battle, but ultimately failed.

Currently, Ms. Ellis has finally chosen to work with conservative media outlets, co-producing daily video shows and podcasts, with the title “Truth”. This seems to indicate that she wants to continue her unfinished duties in the media, helping more Americans understand the general election truth, understand the true United States.

Trinh Van, Vision Times

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