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Former President Trump: Bringing American schools away from radical and divisive doctrines

Below is the full text of former President Donald J. Trump’s commentary on his plan to free American schools from radical and divisive doctrines.

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As a candidate, Joe Biden’s top promise was “unified” U.S. However, during his first months as president, his number one priority was to continually divide our country along the way. [khuynh hướng] race and gender.

There is no clearer example than the recent attempt by the Biden administration to indoctrinate American schoolchildren with unprecedentedly toxic and anti-American theories. It is vital for Americans to understand what this will bring, what is driving it, and most importantly, how we can prevent it.

For decades, the American-blaming left has relentlessly pushed for a vision of an America where history, culture, traditions, and the founding documents (supposedly including the Constitution) United States, the United States Declaration of Independence and the United States Declaration of Human Rights) are ‘molded’ in the most negative direction possible. In recent years, however, this deeply unnatural endeavor has progressed from telling children that our history is evil to ‘pouring’ and hearing Americans that they themselves are evil. far.

In classrooms across the country, students are being forced to follow a new curriculum designed to brainwash them with a ridiculous left-wing ‘dogma’ known as the ‘critical race theory’. The important truth behind this twisted doctrine is that it is the exact opposite of what the average American, of any ethnicity, wishes to teach their children.

Instead of helping young people realize that the United States is the greatest, most tolerant, and most generous nation in history, it (critical racial theory) teaches them that America is an evil country from the beginning. from top to bottom, and the hearts of our people are filled with hatred and cruelty. Almost the opposite of Father Martin Luther King Jr.’s beautiful dream that our children “should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by their dignity”, The recent loathsome theory of the left preaches that it’s actually a good idea to judge a person by the color of their skin.

Teaching these divisive messages to even a child is tantamount to psychological abuse. Infusing generations of children with these radical ideas is not just [hành vi] immoral – but also a plan to ‘self-harm’ his country. That, however, fits just right with what the Biden administration recently confirmed in a piece of legislation published at Federal Registry aimed at forcing students in the US to follow a curriculum inspired by “critical racial theory”.

This article explicitly invokes “Project 1619”, an unreliable project of the newspaper New York Times, do motivation. Sheet [New York] The Times described their efforts as “re-educate” for the American people, and the plan even has a lesson plan that encourages students to practice “delete” parts of the Declaration of Independence. Mr. Biden’s law is also directly quoted [lời] by a left-wing activist and leading proponent of critical racial theory, his textbook reads: “The only way to compensate for past discrimination is [hãy] discrimination in the present. The only way to compensate for current discrimination is [hãy] discrimination in the future.”

This is exactly what the Biden administration wants to teach American children.

The Education Department’s charter stems from an executive order that Mr. Biden signed on his first day in office. This order from Mr. Biden repeals the 1776 Presidential Advisory Committee I created to honor the founding principles of the United States, and reverses an executive order I made to prevent the imposition of apply these morally corrupting theories to federal employees during workforce training sessions.

Thankfully, most Americans are against this madness. Until now, the left can only avoid criticism because not many parents care and speak up. But this is also rapidly changing. From Loudoun County – Virginia to [thành phố] Cupertino – California, parents have begun to speak out against the leftist cultural revolution. What they need now is a plan to actually stop it.

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Here are the reforms that every concerned parent in America should take seriously [suy ngẫm].

First, every state legislature should pass a ban on taxpayer dollars being ‘poured’ into any school district or workplace that teaches critical racial theory, which already violates anti-discrimination laws current treatment. In the spirit of my executive order last year, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and others have taken steps to pass such laws. This needs to be done everywhere – and Congress should also find a way through the legislative power to introduce a federal ban.

Monday, each state should establish its own 1776 Commission to evaluate the curriculum of [các] public schools and ensure that students receive a patriotic, pro-American upbringing – not being taught that America is an evil country.

Tuesday, Parents have the right to know exactly what is being taught to their children. Last year, for the first time, many parents had the opportunity to regularly listen to [giảng] in classes thanks [hình thức] distance learning. When students return to school, states need to pass legislation requiring all lesson plans to be made available to parents – all handouts, articles and readings must be posted on a single communication channel. Online news allows parents to see what their child is being taught. Furthermore, in many places, there are regulations that prevent students from recording what the teacher says in class. States and school boards should establish “Permission [cho phép] record”.

Wednesday, Parents need to get together locally – in every school district in the US – to eliminate [chương trình] “Citizen Action Education”, and other versions of attempts to turn traditional civic education into a vehicle for political indoctrination. The new argument of the left is that “separation” ours comes from the lack of “civic education” – the problem they decide “overcome” by a lot of new taxpayer dollars, and by redefining the subject “civic education” in school, in the same way that they’re trying to redefine the meaning of the word “the infrastructure”.

Right now, Congress is working on a $1 billion bill called the Safe Citizens Democracy Act. No Republican should trust the Biden administration with $1 billion to spend on such programs. Even worse, legislators are threatening to institute a national curriculum purported to be about history and civics, bribing states to adopt a treasonous curriculum. America of the left effectively. That is the repetition of the program “Common Core Initiative” (Common Core – system outlines the skills and knowledge that public school students must acquire in each grade from kindergarten through 12th grade.) – but much more extreme. And just like [đối với] “Common Core”, parents need to unite to stop this federal power grab.

Thursday, any parent objecting to materials being taught to their child in a public school should receive an automatic confirmation, allowing them to choose another school of their choice. The government has no right to brainwash students with ideologies against the will of their parents.

Friday, states need to take back control of their institutions and certification bodies to make sure they don’t ‘train’ out extremist teachers. To be clear, the majority of our country’s teachers are the most selfless and wonderful people – but unfortunately, many have graduated from extremely biased institutions and may not even have been able to do so. aware of the extent to which leftist ideology has been ‘crammed’ into their curriculum.

States should create new certification bodies that can certify great teachers who know how to convey a love for America. School districts can then prioritize hiring teachers with these certifications, especially for positions [dạy] English, history and social sciences. States may even set up their own version of “Teach for America” to attract passionate and patriotic young people into the country. [dạy] in classes.

Final, states need to remove [chính sách] monopoly on tenure (policy restricting the ability to fire teachers, if they want to be fired, there must be a “good reason”) in public schools under the 12-year system. Initially, [chính sách] tenure is supposed to protect qualified teachers from the influence of unjustified political interference; It has now become a mechanism to protect incompetent teachers who are themselves exercising their power to exert inappropriate political influence on our children. Educators who alienate children from their home countries should not be protected with a lifetime term; they should be ‘freed’ to pursue a career as a political activist.

Don’t be fooled: The motive behind all this madness on the left is to discredit and remove the biggest obstacles to [kế hoạch] fundamentally transform America. To succeed with their radical agenda, the Radicals know they must undo our ties with the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and most importantly, the erase the very identity of the American people, who are free, self-reliant and proud. The left knows that if they can erase the memory and identity of our people, they can gain the full political control they crave.

A nation can only be as strong as its soul. Because [thế hệ] Children of the country, we must act before it is too late.

Translated by Vy An

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