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Former Marines praised the “Escape from Takov” game as being more real!

Tubing UP “Gamology” recently shared two former Marines Jason and Patrick watched and commented on the game video of “Escape from Takov”. The two expressed positive views on the authenticity and reduction of the work.


The first game screen shows that the player uses an axe to fight the enemy. Patrick said that there is indeed a “21 feet (about 6.4 meters)” rule in the police school, that is, if the distance between the enemy and you is less than or equal to this number, then he may Get close to you before you shoot a gun. Jason responded to this. Although he didn’t want to be in that situation, it would be very interesting from a theater perspective.

[Ranger Net]Marines comment on “Escape from Takov”

Many players have a bad habit of “replacement cancer” in shooting games. They were vomited by the two. The shotgun used by the player was shot once, but the reloading was still carried out, and the reload animation showed that it was loaded once. Multiple ammunition. Jason’s consideration of the equipment in the game makes “Escape from Takov” appear more realistic and interesting. In reality, the heavier equipment is generally batteries, ammunition and water.

Jason also said that he likes the graphic style of the game, but any unbreakable vegetation and buildings appearing in the game make him more annoyed, and he prefers the “Battlefield” series in comparison.

In the second half of the video, the player’s game character was shot in the chest. Patrick found a prop to treat the wound in the game. He guessed that it was probably a chest sealer (Chest Seal) to prevent the lungs from collapsing after being shot. The first aid items of the game are still real from this point of view. Jason expressed his doubts that he had experienced the captain being shot in the chest and died on the medical helicopter after being ambushed by the enemy during the mission, and said that the position of the shot was similar to the player character in the game, and the player character was obviously Bleeding a lot of blood, he thinks that if this is the real situation, this character is dead.


Overall, the two Marines think that this game is more real, and it has a lot less BullS *** than other games.

Video screenshot:



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