Former JLL executive Wu Yunshen became the chief operating officer of Gee's Daji, and jointly explored a new model of "office with a bag"

Former JLL executive Wu Yunshen became the chief operating officer of Gee’s Daji, and jointly explored a new model of “office with a bag”

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36氪 was exclusively informed that the office asset service platformGee got off to a good startIt was officially announced today that the former executives of Jones Lang LaSalleMr. Eddie NgWill formally take up the post of chief operating officer of the company on March 16, 2021, further integrate Gee’s core business and team structure, and start brand upgrades, accelerate the layout of the new track of “office space and asset services”, for developers And enterprises provide innovative smart space and asset services.

Before joining Gee, Mr. Wu Yunshen worked for Jones Lang LaSalle, the world’s leading real estate professional services and investment management company, for more than 25 years. Before resigning, he served as the managing director of Jones Lang LaSalle East China (2016-2020) and West China respectively. Managing Director (2005-2015), mainly responsible for the organization strategy and business operations of the company’s many branches in various regions, and has established close ties and cooperation with local governments, large institutions, domestic and foreign developers, investors and enterprises. Partnership. With more than 20 years of professional experience in the real estate industry, Mr. Wu Yunshen is well versed in capital markets and commercial real estate operations and is one of the recognized experts in the industry.

Former Executives of Jones Lang LaSalle

In recent years, as real estate technology and future office have gradually become the vane of commercial real estate, more and more real estate and corporate joint ventures, revenue sharing and other strategic cooperation models have emerged on these new tracks. Large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups have their own advantages and disadvantages in innovation, technology applications and scenario realization. This combination also confirms that the cooperation model is becoming more and more diverse and mature.

Gee was founded 3 years ago. Its main business is to provide prefabricated craftsmanship for office space, and it will develop into a space operation service provider in the future. Assembled craftsmanship means that no masons and construction teams are required on site. All walls and panels are transported directly from the factory to the office. The traditional company decorates for at least one month. After rewriting the rules, the construction is good, and a room of several hundred square meters is installed. The office only needs one week, and the cost is greatly reduced.

In the past few years, Gee has established strategic cooperation with many leading developers such as CapitaLand, China Jinmao, Everbright Ashmore, China Resources, Vanke, and Longfor. At present, Gee has signed a contracted office service area of ​​over 18 million square meters. It is committed to becoming the world’s largest office asset service company within 3 years, providing customers with comprehensive space and asset services.

At present, Gee’s business model is “office with a package”, emphasizing the creation of a light-asset “new office” community with developers, forming a new business model of “comprehensive office services + new asset management”.Specifically:

1. Gee starts construction and binds with the owner. When tenants settle in, they can choose rough office space and prefabricated craft office space with increased prices, which accelerates the reduction of building area for the owner, and improves the occupancy rate and tenant experience;

2. Renovation tenants pay for office decoration and use of furniture and facilities according to the length of the lease. They are charged monthly, that is, rent-and-use. The office space can be highly customized according to changes in the scale of enterprise development and different needs, providing tenants with flexible, efficient, asset-light office assets solution;

3. Gee started to open up the assembly process upstream, solved the problem of excessive cost, and will evaluate the service duration and content based on cost recovery and profitability.

Under the influence of the two major trends of refined real estate operations and the deterioration of the entrepreneurial environment, the provision of commercial real estate space operations services will be increasingly valued. At this moment, Gee’s new executives who are starting to work well may join this young company to think about the future direction more clearly.


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