Former idol in South Korea revealed that he had put his girlfriend in a suitcase for a secret date, no wonder that Korean netizens scolded him

Former idol in South Korea revealed that he had put his girlfriend in a suitcase for a secret date, no wonder that Korean netizens scolded him

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“Idol can’t fall in love” has become the default rule of the entertainment industry and the rice industry, and the Korean entertainment industry with a developed idol culture has higher requirements for idols. Not only will the company explicitly stipulate that idols are prohibited from dating for a period of time, fans will soon abandon idols in rising love, and will even boycott members of the love group asking them to withdraw from the group.

Love can be said to be a “fatal injury” to the Korean idol’s career. If it is not photographed, it will basically not take the initiative to open the relationship. But if you don’t make idols, you can not only fall in love, but you can also tell your love story generously without anyone caring. Recently, a former idol made his love story public on the show. However, what is greeted is not blessings, but complaints and curses from netizens.

The former idol is a former member of the boy group A-JAX. His girlfriend is now a wife, a ceo and model of a shopping website. The two participated in the show “Difficult Couples” together. There are also familiar audiences in the show. Xian Suyuan. The former idol and his wife generously shared their love experience in the show, saying that during the idol was discovered by the company and wrote a letter of guarantee, but the two did not break up. Afterwards, the secret date was not discovered, and the man even put his girlfriend in a suitcase Take it to the hotel.

This is not the most exaggerated. It is shocking that there are other group members living on the same floor of the hotel, so when they arrive at the hotel, they will turn up the volume of the TV series and use the hair dryer.

The expressions of the two who were telling this story were still very happy, and did not feel that there was anything wrong, and the guests present, including Xian Suyuan, all looked shocked after listening. It was this video that sparked heated discussion on the Internet. This former idol was scolded so badly. It is no wonder that Han netizens directly scolded him for doing such a thing.

The source is a clear stream

After this video was fermented on the Internet, it aroused criticism from netizens. People mainly couldn’t accept the case of putting their girlfriends in their suitcases. They thought it was very dangerous. At the same time, he also thinks that this former idol is really unworthy of being an idol, and feels that he is too outrageous to do things for love.

This former idol is really not wronged. The act of putting people in a suitcase basically appears in the news, and it is indeed a dangerous thing. It is no wonder that he became a former idol for dating. . And his girlfriend is also strange enough to be willing to be carried in a suitcase, which ordinary people really cannot understand.

Of course, the former idol can now say this in the show because it is so vague that even Korean netizens generally don’t know him. A-JAX is a seven-member boy group under the Korean entertainment company DSP. It debuted in June 2012. The name of A-JAX comes from the Greek mythological character “Aas”, with the words “Stand out and become a hero in fierce idol competition.” “Meaning. DSP has cultivated well-known groups such as Crystal Boy and KARA, but A-JAX has not succeeded in becoming popular. In 2019, there were news reports that the group might participate in “produce”, but there was no news after that, and the probability has been disbanded.

Although AJAX has not become popular, this member is no longer an idol, but in this way, publicly telling love stories in the show and mentioning extraordinary incidents is still not good. But at the same time, it also makes it clear that idols are banned from falling in love on the surface, but they are not really obeyed. They are all underground in love, and there are many tricks.

Earlier in South Korea, there was a show about idols. Members of 2ne1, 4minutes, and Wonder Girls gathered on the show, saying that the waiting room corridors of the music station and the drinking fountains were popular attractions, handsome male idols and beautiful female idols. Get together will catch your eye. Even more, it was revealed that idol love also has a level. Those who have no money or rights can climb the mountains of no one when there is no one. Those who have a car will date in the car, and those who have a house will date at home.

The members of girl’s day and dia in the variety show “Life Tavern” also mentioned in the show that the idol sports meeting is also a love sacred place for idols. Handing notes and eye hints are very common. Yura said there will be at least 10 couples at the scene, Hyeri The ridicule may be both ex-boyfriend and ex-boyfriend.

The former idol also broke the news that the idol who lives in the dormitory would escape from the dormitory by climbing the gas tank for a date in order to fall in love. Korean star Lee Jun even said in the show that love in the idol circle is like the animal kingdom. Today, when A and B are dating, it suddenly becomes A and C, B and D. He is afraid that the female idol he is dating is a good friend. Ex-girlfriend, so I dare not fall in love with idols.

To sum it up, it’s normal for idols to be in love, but they can’t be made public. On the surface, they maintain a single person setting. Privately, they climb uninhabited mountains, climb gas tanks and even pack suitcases for love. But it’s strange to say that it’s quite ironic to be an idol if you want to fall in love, and a fan if you don’t want to fall in love.

So getting used to this kind of idol news or breaking news can also make fans less fantasizing about idols and feeling less true to them, so that they will not be so sad when they collapse. Of course, there are fans who can accept idols in love. After all, idols are also ordinary people. They only hope that he can live his own life well. It will be easier to catch up with the stars.


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