Format Factory - Merge hard subtitles directly into the Video

Format Factory – Merge hard subtitles directly into the Video

Format Factory is the software to convert Video, Audio with most popular formats today. In addition, you can use this utility to merge subtitles directly into the Video to create a complete video. will guide you on how to combine hard subtitles into the Video.

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If before, you want to watch a movie with subtitles, you have to search and download subtitles online and rename the subtitles to match your Video file and put them in a folder to watch the video. . Now, Format Factory will help you join this subtitle file directly on the Video for immediate viewing without having to perform many operations as before.

How to merge hard subtitles into Video Format Factory

Step 1: After installing Format Factory, open the utility by clicking the icon located on the Desktop.

Step 2: At the program interface, select the format of Video to convert. For example, choose the AVI format

Photo collage to continue on to video

Step 3: A dialog box opens, click Add File to select the Video for which subtitles are to be merged.

Then click Output Setting to set up some customizations

Also in this dialog box, you can change the path of the output video folder by clicking Change or use the root directory of the manufacturer provided.

Format Factory

Step 4: At the window Output SettingYou can customize the output Video parameters such as image quality, frame size, sound quality (it is best to leave the default parameters).

In particular, to join hard subtitles for Video, in section Additional Subtitle, insert subtitles suitable for the Video.

Click OK to save settings

Step 5: Click OK again to return to the main interface of Fomart Factory. On the toolbar, click Start let the subtitle merge and video conversion begin.
The conversion time depends mainly on the computer configuration being used and the quality of the output Video. The output video will have available subtitles so you can use this video to burn it to DVD or VCD to watch on your home player.

Use FormatFactory to convert files and combine subtitles directly on Video with most popular formats on the market.


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