Forgotten Netflix password, email, or phone

Forgotten Netflix password, email, or phone

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Netflix is ​​a streaming tool for anyone looking to watch movies, series and documentaries online. Eventually, it may be necessary to enter the user password, so it is important to know how to proceed if you forget it.

How to recover your forgotten Netflix password

If you forgot your Netflix password, you have two options: request a password reset email or receive the code for setting by SMS. For any of the cases, access this link.

If the chosen password reset method is the email, enter your email address (no errors) in the field provided and click the blue button Send by email:

If you choose Text message, Netflix sends an SMS with the code to reset the password. To do this, select the country (click on the arrow next to the flag to select your country) and enter the cell phone number (including area code). Click the blue button Send by text:

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