Forgot password for PDF file, here's how to open it

Forgot password for PDF file, here’s how to open it

Have you ever encountered a situation of using a password to encrypt and secure important PDF files, after a long period of inactivity you accidentally forget your password. If you forgot your PDF password, here’s how to open the file you can apply.

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Often, for important PDF files, users use passwords to encrypt and protect the information in the file to prevent other users from viewing the information and data in the PDF file. However, if you set a password for a PDF file and accidentally forgot the password of a PDF file, this is how to open the file will help you access your document again.

Forgot password for PDF file, here’s how to open it

Step 1: Find the lost PDF password

There are 2 ways to decrypt PDF files: directly delete encrypted PDF password or recover lost PDF password. In this article, ElectrodealPro will guide you on how to recover, find lost PDF password, then you can choose to delete or save the password of the PDF file, or use the password you find to unlock the password. PDF document.

Tips: If the PDF file is set to restrict the right to modify the password, only you know the password, then you can recover the PDF file password and set the password to edit.

Follow the steps below to find the lost PDF password with the PDF Password Genius utility:

Step 1: Find and download PDF Password Genius to your computer and install it.

Download PDF Password Genius to your computer and install it here: Download PDF Password Genius

Step 2: After installation is complete, open PDF Password Genius.

Step 3: Enter the password-encrypted PDF file by clicking the button Open then import the file into the frame Encrypted File.

The familiar pdf file is all files

Step 4: Select a password crack method and set settings.

Step 5: Click the button Start and start to find the password of the PDF file.

The familiar pdf file is one file 2

Step 2: Unlock the PDF file with the password you just found

After you have found the PDF password with PDF Password Genius, the next step you need to do now is to unlock the PDF file.

On the PDF Password Recovered dialog window, copy and save the PDF password. Then follow the steps below to decrypt PDF files with a new recovery password.

Step 1: Right-click on the PDF file to be encrypted with password, select Open With Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2: Copy and paste the PDF password you just found into the Password dialog box and then click OK.

The familiar pdf file is one file 3

Step 3: Find and click the password icon button on the toolbar as shown below, from the dropdown menu select Remove Security.

The familiar pdf file is one file 4

Step 4: On the next message dialog window, click OK to remove the PDF file password.

The familiar pdf file is one file 5

Step 5: Press the key combination Ctrl + S to save PDF files.

In addition, you can also use PDF Password Genius to unlock Office files (including Word / Excel / PowerPoint, …) in case you forget or lose your password.
If you accidentally forgot your PDF password, this is an effective way to open a file you should try. In case you don’t want to install any programs on your computer, then you can try Remove PDF password using smallpdf online extremely convenient. If you have any questions or questions that need answers, readers can leave your comments in the comments below!


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