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Forest fire & # 039; inquires & # 039; New Zealand – The situation in Australia is not positive

Firefighters attempt to extinguish wildfires in New South Wales, Australia. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

Local officials said a massive fire broke out on 6 January due to forest work and spread due to strong winds. Currently the fire is still spreading.

Authorities sent 65 firefighters, 11 trucks, 1 aircraft and 6 helicopters to the scene to deploy the fire extinguishment. However, dry weather, strong winds have prevented firefighters.

Influenced by forest fires in Australia, New Zealand is experiencing serious dust pollution. In recent days, smoke from bushfire from Australia has covered New Zealand & # 039; s South Island and has changed the color of a glacier from white to brown. Now the smoke is moving north and covers half of the country & # 039; s North Island.

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People wear masks to avoid the effects of air pollution caused by wildfires in Canberra, Australia, January 5, 2020. Photo: THX / TTXVN

Meanwhile, the people of Australia & # 039; s capital Canberra are struggling to cope with the dust. The sky of the city has turned yellow, even orange due to the air pollution.

According to the Canberra Times, all Qantas airline flights at Canberra airport on January 5 were canceled due to wildfires. The Interior Ministry of Australia also allows employees to leave work on January 6. Many agencies and schools also closed due to concerns about bad air quality and dangerous levels. The number of masks sold increased rapidly. Many shops in the Canberra Shopping Center were closed due to security concerns.

Air quality is also ranked worst in most major cities in Australia.

According to the latest report, forest fires that lasted weeks in Australia have expanded the lives of 25 people, destroyed 8 million hectares of land and destroyed at least 1,800 houses. An estimated 500 million animals were burned in the disaster.

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