Forefront | "Tmall Haofang" platform is online, Lianjia's biggest opponent appears?
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Forefront | “Tmall Haofang” platform is online, Lianjia’s biggest opponent appears?

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On September 16, Tmall and E-House announced a strategic cooperation and jointly launched the “Tmall Haofang” platform.

This is the first big move after Ali increased its capital holdings of Yiju at the end of July this year. At that time, the two parties announced that they would set up a platform with an initial investment of 5 billion yuan, with Alibaba accounting for 85% of the shares and E-House accounting for 15%. This is considered by the industry to be an important competitor for Lianjia and Tencent behind it.

According to official information, in the future, more technical capabilities will be used in the customized real estate flagship store of Tmall Haofang. For example, the combination of 3D buying technology and real estate can integrate real data such as the view of the house’s window, noise and lighting, etc., to make the online viewing experience more real.

In addition, Tmall and E-House also released the “Real Estate Transaction Cooperation Mechanism” (ETC). Based on new product upgrades, the mechanism will provide four transaction scenarios for new houses, second-hand houses, special houses and auction houses, and carry multiple service functions in the online real estate transaction process.

Zhou Xin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of E-House (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. said: “E-House will leverage its own housing advantages, broker-enabled products, blockchain technology, and real estate consumption insights. Together with Tmall, Committed to solving various problems currently faced by various transaction entities, helping the industry improve transaction efficiency, and bringing industry technology upgrades.”

36 Krypton found that the “Tmall Haofang” channel has already appeared in Taobao on mobile phones. After clicking on it, the main housing categories such as “second-hand houses”, “new houses” and “foreign auction houses” are greeted. Already settledReal estate companies such as Country Garden and Zhongnan Land. But the current online viewing is still based on pictures.

Mobile Taobao screenshot

In fact, Ali has been involved in the digitalization of the real estate industry.

In February of this year, more than 500 real estate and 5,000 real estate consultants used Taobao to broadcast live “Cloud Selling Houses”, attracting nearly 2 million people to watch. At that time, there was a house seller who said after his experience: In the past, it was a good result to receive one or two groups of buyers every day at the offline sales office; but through online house sales, dozens of people added his friends after a live broadcast. , To learn more about buying a house, the efficiency is greatly increased.

Starting from late May, more than 10,000 special rooms with a 50% to 80% discount have been launched on Tmall 618 across the country. While inOn the eve of Tmall 618, Country Garden announced the opening of a Tmall flagship store.During the 618 period, 3D shopping technology was commercially available on Tmall for the first time. Users can visit 100 home furnishing stores such as IKEA and Gujia directly on their mobile phones.

It can be seen that the goal of the Tmall Haofang platform is to open up the link from house viewings to transactions, so that the Tmall flagship store of real estate companies will become an online “smart sales office”.

In addition, Tmall Haofang also announced that it will not make money in the next three years. All income will be 100% subsidized to buyers, and profit in the transaction commission may be an effective way for latecomers to challenge the industry leader.


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