Forefront | TCL released 99999 yuan high-end flagship LED smart screen, as well as a full set of home appliances

Forefront | TCL released 99999 yuan high-end flagship LED smart screen, as well as a full set of home appliances

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On March 9, TCL held an online spring new product launch conference. They obviously want to consolidate their image in the high-end market. The newly released TCL 8K X12 mini LED star smart screen is the first OD Zero mini LED product. The 85-inch TV has a thickness of only 9.9mm, a frame width of 1mm, contains 100,000 mini LED chips, and has a peak brightness of 2000nits. This product is equipped with ONKYO’s HiFi audio, 8 channels, 25 audio units, and is equipped with a sound field adaptive function that can identify the spatial structure. The price of this product is enough to discourage ordinary users-99,999 yuan.

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The focus of the conference was not on smart screens. The C12 AI appliance series took up 90% of the time. TCL released 7 home appliances in one go, including C12 quantum dot Mini LED smart screen, smart screen integrated stove, dual temperature zone soft air air conditioner, smart fresh air air conditioner, extremely cold smart screen refrigerator, duplex sorting washing machine and AI smart door lock.

Multi-screen interaction has long been the consensus of hardware manufacturers. Mobile phone manufacturers use the core of mobile phones to radiate outwards and build their own set of ecology in a short period of time. TCL hopes to find an anchor point. This time, they have reached a cooperation with vivo. The C12 quantum dot smart screen can realize the screen projection function and large-screen interaction, and simultaneously remind mobile phone calls and various message notifications.

It can be clearly seen that the ecological difference between mobile phone manufacturers and home appliance manufacturers is that the former hopes to learn from Apple and form a relatively closed system. Home appliance manufacturers have just started to build networks and lack the blessing of smartphones. This point turns out to be an advantage, so the C12 smart screen supports 4 mobile phones to interact at the same time.

At present, “fusion” is more about micro-innovation. Home appliance manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers are competing for price and brand power.

TCL’s major appliances obviously do not have much advantage in price. The C12 quantum dot mini 65-inch smart screen is priced at 12,999 yuan, which can reach 1000nits brightness and 120Hz refresh rate. The washing machine supports classified washing, the price is 9,999 yuan, and the smart door lock is 2,599 yuan. The price of each product is more than three times that of similar products from mobile phone manufacturers. If you buy a complete set, it will cost around 80,000 yuan. However, it is undeniable that TCL still has strong manufacturing capabilities and a densely distributed offline channel across the country. It has a position that is difficult to shake in the short-term high-priced and low-frequency home appliance market, especially the TV market.

It is difficult to deny the status of TCL in the TV industry, but to them, IoT has never seemed so important today. TCL hopes to occupy the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the door.

The “full scene” picture is not clear, and each company is constantly launching new home appliances and new functions to conquer home users. Old-school manufacturers rely on brand and supply chain control to win, and new entrants stir up price wars quickly. This battle is destined to be slow and stalemate.


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