Forefront | Reading Xinli Tencent Pictures once again merged, 70 new works will be launched in 2021

Forefront | Reading Xinli Tencent Pictures once again merged, 70 new works will be launched in 2021

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On June 13, Tencent Pictures, Xinli Media, and China Reading Media jointly held the 2021 conference. This is the second time that the three film and television actors announced that they have formed a “troika” in October last year.

In October last year, at the first joint annual conference of the three companies, Cheng Wu, CEO of China Reading Group, Vice President of Tencent Group and CEO of Tencent Pictures, proposed the concept of “troika” and announced a Series of joint production projects. Obviously, Tencent intends to vertically integrate the upstream and downstream of the film and television industry to extend the development chain of IP.

After strengthening cooperation in the industry chain, the three companies have jointly launched works such as “Eight Hundred”, “Golden Years”, “My Son-in-Law”, “Hello, Li Huanying” and “Send You A Little Red Flower” in the past year.

This year, the “Troika” once again on the same stage, released a total of 70 works such as online movies and micro-dramas, and launched the third phase of the “Young Director Training Program” recruitment.

After Cheng Wu took the lead in reading articles and the adjustment of Tencent’s structure, the pressure on the three companies has increased. On the one hand, the downturn in the entire film and television industry has not dissipated; on the other hand, Tencent’s process of integrating the IP development chain has entered the deep water zone. Cheng Wu said in his opening speech that “the film and television industry has great uncertainty” and the troika should “find a sense of certainty in a high degree of uncertainty.”

Cheng Wu, Vice President of Tencent Group, CEO of China Reading Group, CEO of Tencent Pictures, Chairman of Tencent Animation

“Industrialization” is a concept that Tencent has often mentioned in the game and film industry in recent years. Cheng Wu said, “What we want is the industrialization of production, not the industrialization of creativity.” For example, he gave an example. After the drama “Zui Son” was broadcast, it drove the increase of daily activities and fans of the original online text. The energy of a good story can be found in Circulation within the IP ecosystem. In the future, Tencent will continue to promote the deep integration of the “troika” business.

Cheng Wu mentioned three directions for “finding a sense of certainty”: one is to do a good job of realism themes, the other is to systematically develop high-quality web text and animation IP, and the third is to promote the exploration of creative ecologicalization and production industrialization, and “create an IP industry with Chinese characteristics.” chain”.

In 2021, the “Troika” will launch a total of 13 works in the “Melody of the Times” series. These include “The Trilogy of Time Melody”, “1921”, “Human World”, “Heart House”, and the TV series “The Rebel” starring Zhu Yilong and Tong Yao, “The Wind Rising”, “The Flowing Direction of Sava”, and “Youth Without Borders” “Our Southwest Associated University”, “Sentencing”, “Today’s Women”, “Glasses”, “Kunlun Silk Road Treasure”, “Xiangshan Ye Zhenghong” and so on.

A total of 14 works of the “Oriental Stories Series” were also released at the scene, including “Rage: Serious Case”, which Yen Zidan and Nicholas Tse collaborated again after twelve years, the second season of last year’s phenomenon-level drama “Zuo Son-in-law” and “Zuo Son-in-law” “Jixing Gaozhao”, “Journey to the West: The True and False Monkey King”, “Celebrating More Than Years”, the second season, “Wind from Longxi”, “Da Feng Dagengren”, “Qing Zan Xing”, “Fighting Knives in Snow”, “Jing Zhong Yue Fei” “Li Mao for Prince”, “Moonfall Flower City”, “Tibetan Code” (movie), “Tibetan Code” (drama), etc.

The third series is called “Youth Energy”, with a total of 10 works. Including the TV series “The Basic Law of Genius” initiated by Tencent Pictures and jointly produced by iQiyi, Tongmeng Film and Television, the Alliance of Gods, and Perfect World, and the movie “Good Wishes in the World” jointly produced by Shanghai Film Group, Tencent Pictures, and Maoyan Entertainment. “And the movie “Look at a Bridge” and so on.

The works adapted from the Internet IP are included in the “Dimensional Breaking the Wall” series, including the movie version and drama version of “Under One”, the drama version of “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker” and “Nana” and “You Are Mine” “Glory”, “Journey to the West”, “Mirror Two Cities” and so on.


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