Forefront | HKUST IFLYTEK advances AIoT strategy and jointly launches chip solutions with Lingsi Intelligent

Forefront | HKUST IFLYTEK advances AIoT strategy and jointly launches chip solutions with Lingsi Intelligent

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According to 36 krypton, in the recent China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo AWE, HKUST Xunfei announced that it has signed a third-party agreement with home appliance brands Mido, Vantage, and the Internet of Things chip manufacturer “Lingsi Smart”. Fei’s voice algorithm is embedded in more kitchen, bathroom appliances and other products in the form of chip modules.

Under the trend of intelligence, AI chips are the optimal solution for carrying AI algorithms. In order to achieve a strong coupling between software and hardware, iFLYTEK has hired “Lingsi Intelligence” as an ecological chain partner in the field of AI chips, and iFLYTEK will provide the algorithm , Lingsi provides chip integrated design solutions.

“The law and culture of making chips is different from the law and culture of making software algorithms.” Talking about the relationship between iFlytek and Lingsi, Wang Zhiguo, vice president of iFLYTEK and Executive Dean of the Institute, explained to 36 krypton, “Lingsi is an independent company, but it is a cooperative partnership with Xunfei in the ecological chain. Some algorithm personnel of Xunfei participated in the chip design process.”

In terms of products, there are currently three generations of Lingsi chips in the planning and market launch stage:

The first generation of chips: mid-to-high-end 400x, mid-to-low-end 300x series, using 40nm process technology, has been introduced to the market;

The second-generation chips include 600x and 500x series, using 22nm process technology, which is still in the stage of intensive research and is expected to be launched this year;

The third-generation chip planning period is 2022.

On the left is Shao Zhiyong, CTO of Lingsi Intelligent; on the right is Wang Zhiguo, Vice President of iFlytek and Executive Dean of the Institute

With the rise of the concept of IoT (Internet of Things), the problem for traditional home appliance manufacturers who want to try AI intelligent applications is that the cost of introducing AI capabilities into terminal devices is relatively high, and the technical barriers are also high. Most companies Does not have the ability to develop and test AI algorithms.

This is also the problem that iFLYTEK and Lingsi want to solve in cooperation.

Improving cost performance is one of the goals of cooperation between iFlytek and Lingsi. Shao Zhiyong, CTO of Lingsi Intelligent, introduced to 36Kr that the current WiFi module in the home appliance field is quite mature in terms of cost performance, and after integrating the iFLYTEK algorithm, the AI ​​module provided by Lingsi can reduce the cost to half of the original.

“It’s not that we want to make AI a luxury product. We are committed to making something that is extremely cost-effective, effective, and more popular. This is the concept of using AI to build a better world.” Shao Zhiyong Speaking of.

Therefore, on the technical route, the Internet of Things CSK chip launched by Lingsi Smart focuses on high integration, high computing power and cost-effectiveness. It independently designed the NPU+DSP+MCU three-core heterogeneous chip storage architecture, taking into account control and the Internet of Things. Three functions of integration and intelligent connection, supporting applications such as AI, touch, Wi-Fi, and voice recording.

This is also in line with the core idea of ​​iFLYTEK’s “cloud core integration”. Its cloud uses iFLYTEK’s super brain core to create iFLYTEK’s open platform and build a cloud ecosystem; the core side uses the AI ​​chip CSK as the core. In-depth cooperation with iFLYTEK’s AI algorithm experts, define chip capabilities based on AI, and achieve strong coupling.

“Lingsi is to build such an AI SOC chip, put AI and other logic capabilities together, and solve the problem of the entire appliance intelligent AIoT system.” Wang Zhiguo said.

According to 36Kr, Lingsi has completed the A round of financing. The “chip + algorithm” software and hardware integrated solution jointly launched by it and iFLYTEK has been implemented in Haier, TCL, Hisense, OPPO, Vantage, Oaks, Yunmi, Airmate and other brand products.


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