Forefront | Creation Camp 2021 popular players and horses retreat, accidentally triggering a confrontation between Ali and Tencent

Forefront | Creation Camp 2021 popular players and horses retreat, accidentally triggering a confrontation between Ali and Tencent

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Yesterday (March 8) at 18:00, Tencent Video Creation Camp 2021 foreign students and Ma’s official Weibo account posted a video, facing the camera with Ma himself, announcing his withdrawal from the competition due to “family reasons”. As of press time, this Weibo has received 20.61 million views, 98,000 reposts, 86,000 comments and 1.19 million likes.

As the hottest players in this year’s draft season, Harvard University, a Japanese-American male singer and Ma are currently ranked fourth on the “Creation Camp” student support list. Although Tencent Video has not officially disclosed the specific number of votes, considering that all users who click “support” will automatically follow the player’s own doki account, and Hema’s doki account already has 1.836 million fans, which proves that there are at least 1.836 million people. He votes, and each user can vote once a day, so the actual number of votes should be several times higher than the number of fans.

Live screenshots of Hema’s participation in the creation camp program

After the release of the video of Hema announcing his retirement, the entry #和马退赛# quickly appeared on the Weibo hot search list, rushing to the top of the hot search second place, but quickly disappeared from the hot search list due to unknowable factors . But so far, the amount of reading and discussion of this entry is still growing steadily, and the amount of reading has reached 450 million and the amount of discussion has reached 141,000. Related entries #和马后援会Resignation and Reorganization#, # and Mika wore his shoes after the horse retired#, etc. have also appeared on the hot search list and then quickly disappeared, with a cumulative reading volume of nearly 1 billion.

Weibo screenshot

According to 36 Krypton’s observations, at present on Weibo, Station B, Douban and other public opinion fields, most of the comments, apart from regretting the withdrawal of Hema, are attacks on Tencent Video’s “black box operations”. Many viewers did not pay for the “family reasons” mentioned by Hema, and believed that Tencent Video was “forcing the players to retire”.

However, this speculation is temporarily not supported by authoritative evidence.

B station UP main @电视 This circle released the video “Extras! Is there another hidden reason for retiring with horses? The director reveals the inside story! “Has received 300,000 broadcasts. The UP owner quoted the director of Tencent’s “Creation Camp 2021” rival program iQiyi’s “Youth with You 3” as saying, “In the audition program, the real reason for the players to retire is not Officially disclosed reasons”.

The video analysis speculated that the well-known Japanese music company AVEX (AVEX), the well-known music company that selected the Hema competition, signed a contract with the Tencent Video Creation Camp program group, and occupies a limited number of places in the 11-member boy group that made its final debut. Compared with the local trainees, Mika, Hema, Qingren, Riki, and Zando all performed well, exceeding the expectations of both companies, and the amount of funds raised by fans is also getting higher and higher. It is impossible for the contract to allow all 5 people to make their debut, so the two parties decided to sacrifice Hema after negotiation, so as to prevent the audience from raising too much money to cause a crisis.

The official support club of Hema announced on March 8 that it had raised a total of RMB 825,000 and organized refunds to fans. Hema’s sudden retirement caused tension among the fans of the other four players from the same company. That night, the four fan clubs all organized fans to start an emergency fundraising. The Mika club was hitting 1.1 million yuan, and the Riki club raised 1.13 million yuan in just 14 hours.

Weibo screenshot

The money is planned to be used to vote for the players, so that the idol will not become the next wakama. Mika, Zando, Woma, Riki, and Kyori, known as the “Five Sons of AVEX”, are currently ranked first, second, fourth, eighth and eleventh in the creation camp support list. Equivalent to all being in the “debut position”, AVEX’s performance is far better than any participating company, but a balanced program group needs to be considered. The possibility of willing to give nearly half of the debut position to AVEX is almost zero.

At present, even if the official program group has not publicly acknowledged or refuted this speculation, public opinion is still almost overwhelmingly criticizing the program.

On the morning of March 9, Alibaba’s new retail platform “Hema”, which is homophonic with “Hema”, took advantage of the homophony to publish a blog post on the official Weibo platform “It’s cold again, come and have a hot pot? “Penguin 778”, the picture shows the penguin-shaped cuttlefish ball thrown into the boiling soup pot.

Penguin is the official mascot of Tencent, and Hema is suspected to be taunting Tencent videos. In the comment area, someone asked, “Is this penguin filled with cheese?” Hema replied, “No, no, this penguin has no heart.”

Weibo screenshot

Soon, the official account of @QQ视频创营2021 also came to an end and responded in the Hema comment area: “Fresh food is easy to spoil when it gets hot. This starfish goose smells a bit disgusting.” This comment generated nearly 9,000 followers. Comments, including popular comments that have received 30,000 likes, are abusive in nature.

On the other hand, more Alibaba-related enterprise Weibo accounts have joined the battle in the comment area. @淘票票 commented “yygq (yin and yang strange gas) first place”; @天猫国际 commented “It’s better to… sign it”, teasing Hema and Hema signed a cooperation; @阿里健康 commented “Then I, I wish hema health”; @天猫 spokesperson commented “Some 🐧: You can directly report my ID card.” Other official Weibo accounts that participated in the comments include @天猫首发, @飞猪旅行代言人, @嗨了么超市, @酷狗热评, @吉利汽车, etc. All related and unrelated businesses will take this opportunity There was a wave of presence in the internal entertainment draft field.

Like horse retirement and many popular events, in the social media field of public opinion such as Weibo, any point of Mars can quickly trigger fierce battles between netizens from different positions, and there is a high probability that related commercial institutions will also be dragged down. .


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