Ford Mustang: "The wild horse" always makes sobbing hearts

Ford Mustang: “The wild horse” always makes sobbing hearts

Imbued with American style with a sinewy, strong style, speed lovers always consider Ford Mustang to be a “wild horse” in the world supercar village.

General introduction about Ford Mustang

Since the launch of the American car market from 1964 to the present, over 50 years, Ford Mustang has always received the love of consumers and has always been one of the most affordable sports cars. 2 billion bestsellers and continuous production in the world. The latest version of Mustang has been built by the manufacturer for its ability to be more powerful and great than the old version. It is a dramatic change that brings a whole new feeling to the user.

Ford Mustang 2018Ford Mustang

Review Ford Mustang vExterior

Ford Mustang compared to the old version has many exterior changes that show the bolder and more prominent.

Top car

The car has a new headlight cluster that brings an extremely impressive effect, the front bumpers have many angular cut lines along with a wider grille to help the car have health. The Mustang has a bonnet that has been lowered to 20mm and has two additional heat sinks for the engine compartment. In addition, the car’s fog lights and turn signals are combined into a strip to bring more neatness.

The front of the car has a new headlight cluster that brings an extremely impressive effectFirst xe owned new headlight cluster bring effect extremely impressive

Vehicle body

Compared to the old version, the body and tail of the car did not change much. C-shaped LED taillights are only a bit stylized, if you do not look carefully, you will not notice this small change. The flattened hood is designed to improve driver visibility. In addition, the straight line in the body of the previous generation has been bent, the new rear bumper is equipped with a diffuser to increase the aerodynamics.

The body has not changed muchThe body has not changed much


Mustang’s tail is equipped with a symmetrical dual exhaust system located in the black rear bumper for the GT. However, the EcoBoost version has only two single exhaust pipes on the sides. GT version also owns additional spoiler for the rear.

The rear of the Mustang 2018 is equipped with a dual exhaust system for the GT versionMustang’s rear end has dual exhaust system for GT version

Mustang gives users 10 different wheel options. For the standard version, it is equipped with a 17-inch model, but if customers use the GT Performance Pack, they will have 18-inch wheels and the latest Pilot Super Sport 4 tires.

Review Ford Mustang vInterior

The interior of the Ford Mustang is impressively equipped with ample parking space and uses higher quality materials. The car has a completely redesigned dashboard, an electronic dashboard with 12 inches is a digital form for the option of 3 driving modes (Normal or Sport mode or Track) and allows custom customization by manual Technology Track Apps.

The interior of the Ford Mustang 2018 is extremely impressive with more spacious spacefurniture Ford Mustang extremely impressive with car space more spacious

Moreover, the car also has a number of options such as: the central screen allows display with 8 inch capable of voice commands; has a SYNC 3 type entertainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto utilities; listen to radio via SiriusXM satellite and Shaker Pro sound system with 12 speakers.

The base Ford Mustang has seats that are covered with cloth and allows 4-way power adjustment, but the Premium Premium version is covered with leather, with heating or cooling features and allows electric adjustment to 6 directions. and modern.

However, the Mustang is a 4-seater coupe so it also has a low ceiling design and rear glass of the car that is inconvenient for users. Moreover, the long rear glass doors make it difficult for users to narrow the parking lot and thanks to the rear camera, the car has also overcome the visibility limit by the higher body belt.

The 2018 Ford Mustang has an 8-inch screen with voice commandsFord Mustang 8inch screen with the ability to voice commands

Overall, the Mustang has a modern cabin, but because some of the interior is made of plastic, it feels cheap. In return, the Mustang has a spacious luggage compartment and is easier for users to open and close when compared to the Chevrolet Camaro. The car has a capacity of 382 liters, but this capacity may be narrowed slightly if customers choose to add Shaker type subwoofer. Inside the car is also equipped with small storage space, which is very convenient when storing. Depending on the version, Ford Mustang will give users different interior options.

The Mustang 2018 has a spacious luggage compartmentMustang luggage compartment to be commented on widely

Review Ford Mustang about engine / performance

Ford Mustang also has many significant upgrades to the engine. The Ford Mustang specifications on the engine are as follows:

The car has a 2.3-liter EcoBoost I4 engine and a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine that produces more power and better fuel economy. Type I4 engine with a maximum capacity of 310 horsepower along with maximum torque of 474 Nm, while V8 type engine with a maximum capacity of 460 horsepower with maximum torque of 569 Nm.

Ford Mustang is equipped with an all-new 10-speed automatic gearbox in just 5 seconds to accelerate from 0 km / h to 100 km / h, while the new GT version takes less than 4 seconds to achieve. this velocity. Besides, the vehicle’s fuel economy is also significantly improved. Specifically: EcoBoost version uses a manual gearbox with a fuel consumption of 11.2 liters per 100 km when traveling on city roads; 7.6 liters for 100 km when traveling on highways; level of 9.4 liters per 100 km on mixed roads. Meanwhile, the corresponding number of the automatic use is 11.2 liters – 7.3 liters – 9.25 liters per 100 km, respectively.

Mustang 2018 is equipped with EcoBoost I4 engine with 2.3 liters and Coyote V8 engine with 5 litersMustang equipped with EcoBoost I4 engine with 2.3 liters and Coyote V8 engine with 5 liters

Regarding the braking ability of the vehicle, if not using the Performance Pack, the brakes of the vehicle will not have high sensitivity, so the Mustang will probably return to a stationary state from a speed of 96 km / h after 32.3 meters, so is 0.6 meters shorter than the old version.

Ford Mustang has many performance upgrades such as suspension or shock absorbers and tires, … has helped the ability to operate when cornering faster, parking capacity more accurate and more flexible. . In addition, the car is equipped with Michelin-branded tires that will help better handle the journey when moving on the bumpy, many potholes. Mustang is also preferred by consumers because of its impressive noise resistance, even when the car uses Michelin tires up to 20 inches, it is very difficult for customers to be disturbed by the noise from the outside road.

Review Ford Mustang v safety equipment

In terms of safety equipment, the Ford Mustang is rated as equivalent to the old Ford Mustang with an overall rating of 5/5 stars from NHTSA. In the frontal crash test, the car received a Good rating of IIHS. In addition, with the direct crash test from a small angle, the car also received an Acceptable rating (acceptable level). Even Ford Mustangs receive an additional Basic rating for the optional front collision warning system.

In terms of safety - the 2018 Ford Mustang is rated as equivalent to the 2017 versionCome back safely – Ford Mustang rated as similar equivalent with old version

Mustang is equipped with active safety technology including: safety distance warning for vehicles, lane departure warning, pedestrian detection and additional pre-collision support system. Automatic brake when emergency for the system.

Ford Mustang How much is it?

Currently, the price of Ford Mustang cars sold in the US market is as follows:

Version car Car price Price after exchange
EcoBoost Fastback version 25,585 USD 580 million
EcoBoost Premium Fastback version 30,600 USD 693 million
EcoBoost Convertible version 31,085 USD 704 million
GT Fastback version 35,095 USD 795 million
EcoBoost Premium Convertible version 36,100 USD 818 million dong
GT Premium Fastback version 39,095 USD 886 million dong
GT Premium Convertible version 44,595 USD 1,011 million dong
Shelby GT350 version 57,145 USD 1,295 million
Shelby GT350R version 64,645 USD 1,465 million

Thus, the price of Mustang cars sold in the US from 25,585 USD (equivalent to 580 million VND) for the lowest version. If imported, it is estimated that the price of Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost in Vietnam will be about 2 billion VND.

In general, assessing Ford Mustang “wild horse” of the US has some main advantages and disadvantages:


  • The car engine is more powerful and for fuel economy
  • Muscular car styling, strong
  • There are many customizations for customers to choose.


  • The rear seats of the car are relatively cramped.
  • Bold styling doesn’t suit general tastes.

Disadvantages have, but many outstanding advantages have helped the “wild horse” Ford Mustang easily conquer the hearts of speed enthusiasts.

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