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Ford cautions that hand sanitizers and sunscreens can harm car interiors

It is summer now so people will use sunscreen and hand sanitizer more than usual. Simply because it is good for everyone's health. However, Ford has said that it is not good for our car. Because chemicals in sunscreens as well as hand sanitizers may react to surfaces some of the material makes them more weary.

Ford Europe's senior materials engineer, Mark Montgomery, said that because of the ever-changing social trends, hand-washing products, sunscreens and new insect sprays will appear constantly. and variety. Even the simplest products can cause problems when contacting the interior surface of the vehicle many times.

According to a study, the turnover of hand sanitizer containing ethanol alcohol is expected to increase from 371.92 million USD (2018) to 593.62 million USD in 2024. Sunscreens containing large amounts of titanium oxide can react with natural oils and oils in the skin, especially at high temperatures. As for insect sprays, the active ingredient is diethyltoluamide.

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Ford engineers ran tests at temperatures as high as 74 degrees Celsius (165 degrees F) and in some cases simulated sun exposure or ultraviolet radiation in the car. Plastic parts are also tested for durability at temperatures as low as -30 degrees C (-22 degrees F). A rubber ball is repeatedly bounced on the material to ensure that the surface is not cracked and the rubber ball weighs 10 times a football.

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In the process of investigation and investigation, a material engineer – Richard Kyle said in Turkey there are some cases of extremely high car interior wear. According to the traces, the cause is due to exposure to ethanol, which can be a popular hand sanitizer containing 80% ethanol. So, the protective coatings are adjusted and redone to make the car interior more durable.

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