Ford car maintenance schedule

Ford car maintenance schedule

If you compare a car as a human body, maintaining the car is like a routine health check. Therefore, regular maintenance of Ford cars is essential to prolong the life of the car.

As mentioned above, the maintenance of your Ford car is very important in order to help you with timely solutions to your vehicle’s problems. The reason is that cars in general and Ford cars in particular are composed of thousands of different large and small details. Therefore, the wear and tear of one of these parts after a period of operation is almost obvious.

Maintenance to keep the car in good working order

However, there are many parts of the machine, if only a little damage will not show out, and when your car has problems, you will have to spend a lot of money to fix it. Therefore, having a Ford car maintenance is essential to minimize the risk of damage to small details in the car. Accordingly, the Ford car company has a periodic maintenance schedule according to the km of the road, with the main phases: 5,000km, 15,000km, 30,000km, 40,000km and 100,000km. After the vehicle has circulated a kilometer of road as above, the vehicle needs to replace or add oil in some engine parts, so the owner should take his car to the car maintenance center for advice. and the most accurate Ford car maintenance instructions.

Ford car detailed maintenance schedule

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Maintenance after 5,000km of road

There is a common mistake that people think they must change oil every 5,000km. In fact, you don’t have to unless you have to operate your vehicle in harsh environmental conditions. Usually at 5,000km, vehicles should be checked for warning lights and refrigeration systems as well as sound systems. In the internal engine, it is necessary to check the operating mechanism of the gear lever, the brake pedal system, the seat lift system, the vehicle’s seat belt. In addition, it is also necessary to check details such as: ceiling light switch, steering wheel lifting, rearview mirror, wipers, checking the headlights and the ability to open and close the fuel tank, trunk and door.

Car ceiling light is also a detail you need to check at a 5,000km service

Maintenance after 15,000km of road

In this service, the engine oil needs to be changed and if the car has to operate heavily, you may need to replace the oil filter. This helps the car to remove oil deposits that are attached to during use. Experts also recommend that you change the oil filter after 10,000km of travel to ensure the performance of the Ford engine. You also need to rotate the tires at the service of the Ford car and the next.

Tire rotation is very important during the 15,000km service

Maintenance after 30,000km of road

During this maintenance, you need to replace the air conditioner filter and engine air filter to ensure the performance of the vehicle. At the same time, you still have to check other details such as brakes, suspension, air-conditioning system … again and change the engine oil to help the car operate to save fuel.

Maintenance after 40,000km of road

You need to change the belt, clutch oil, brake fluid, transmission oil … during the maintenance of your Ford car. Your gearbox and other systems such as vehicle brakes and air conditioning will also work better thanks to the timely lubrication. Moreover, after a period of operation, the fuel filter will become clogged with dirt. Therefore, you also need to change the filter to avoid affecting the ability to absorb materials of the combustion system and vehicle engine.

The fuel filter will become clogged with dirt

Maintenance after 100,000km of road

At this time, you need to replace the engine coolant. Because the cooling water has been degraded and has the potential to affect the car system. Therefore, you need to replace all of the car coolant for this 100,000km auto maintenance. In addition, details such as spark plugs also need attention to ensure absolute safe operation on the vehicle. You also need to monitor the status of other details such as vehicle brakes, lighting, tires …


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Along with the above, you need to carefully review the instructions attached to when buying a vehicle, to ensure that routine maintenance is performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to help extend the life of the vehicle. vehicle. You should also choose to service your Ford at reputable and technically skilled centers that are experienced and careful in every operation, to avoid unnecessary damage. It is not advisable to choose places where Ford’s car maintenance costs are below the market, because such places often do not guarantee the quality and after-sales service after servicing Ford cars.

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