Forcené de Longueuil André Gionet Houle still in hospital

Forcené de Longueuil André Gionet Houle still in hospital

André Gionet Houle, this madman who kept dozens of Longueuil police officers in suspense on Tuesday in Longueuil, and whose relatives said they feared for their lives, appeared Thursday for his investigation into his release by videoconference.

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The 35-year-old is still in hospital.

Judge Marco Labrie accepted in the morning a postponement of the release investigation.

The whole thing was postponed to April 22 at the request of the defense lawyer, Me Giroux, who had still not received the proof.

Crown attorney Erin Kavanagh has committed to deliver it to him today.

He faces 13 counts, including assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and threats.

Recall that Sergeant Karine Gravel of SPAL opened fire at least four times in the direction of the madman.

Witnesses met by TVA Nouvelles maintain that the suspect was not hit by the projectiles. The madman was in possession of long knives.


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