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Forbes: FaceApp has owned more than 150 million faces, personal information that we don't know

Perhaps this information will make you think again before taking the phone to download FaceApp to the phone and then make porridge face "old" is a trend of fun on Facebook in recent days. As I said in the previous article, FaceApp does not merely own the algorithm to edit faces to help you grow up, grow old or many other effects, but it also has the ability to store faces, and also The name of the person who uploaded the image to the cloud server that FaceApp uses to save the collected data from app users. Worryingly, server managers who save FaceApp data can keep hundreds of millions of users' images as long as they want.

More than 100 million people have downloaded FaceApp application from Google Play, a few dozen million others, using the iOS version. Now FaceApp has become the top app in the App Store in 121 countries, according to App Annie. According to Forbes' calculations, with the amount of downloads like that, on average, each person has downloaded the app to just take a photo to edit, automatically save to the cloud server of FaceApp, the application developer comes from Russia has 150 million images of real people, plus the information obtained from their phones, including the name (probably the real name) from the Facebook account used to download the edited image. fix up "like sentences".

The application of FaceApp itself also makes many security experts concerned. Viral applications spread through Facebook always collect user data that has pressed the login button on their website, and only they know what our data is used for: Coaching training the object identification system to launch ads appropriate for age and gender? For deep learning system with face recognition data? The data is used to analyze a person's behavior and habits, from which insurance companies can determine whether to accept insurance for an individual based on their lifestyle. We cannot know specifically.

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What asserts Wireless Lab does not give the data they collected to FSB, Russian counterintelligence agency so that they can study face recognition technology? Once your face has been uploaded to the cloud server, you will lose complete control of them, regardless of whether your brother has previously allowed the application to upload his data to the server. That's why there is a scandal of the Google Assistant recording scandal, and Apple makes Siri handle the task right on the device you use instead of uploading it to the server.

Hopefully, the things I wrote above will help you think again before deciding to download FaceApp, or any other application that is very hot on Facebook, everyone can download and use. This is not the first time a viral application is concerned about security, and can be sure, it's not the last time.


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