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For the first time to create the glory of the game book, I want to use this product to subvert the industry


On September 16, the Honor Hunter gamebook V700 was officially unveiled. As a product dedicated to changing the battle rules of the gaming market, the Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 has achieved all-round breakthroughs in appearance, performance, and technological innovation, and has attracted the attention of the industry. The Honor Hunter Gaming Edition V700 offers three different configurations, starting at 7499 yuan.

As one of the most successful Internet brands in China, after nearly 7 years of rapid development, Honor HONOR has formed a complete product line including smart phones, smart wearables, laptops, etc., and is committed to creating a full scene for young consumer groups Experience of wisdom. On September 16, the highly anticipated Honor’s first gaming notebook product and the first product of Honor’s full-scene game brand “HONOR HUNTER”, Honor Hunter V700, was officially unveiled and attracted great attention from the industry.

Zhao Ming, President of Honor, said, “HONOR HUNTER will meet users as a full-scenario game brand of Honor’s wisdom, and a series of game peripherals around the gaming notebook will be gradually launched. Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 relies on hard-core configuration, cool design and full-scene Smart experience has become another intelligent hub for users.” So what is the strength of the work that was delivered for the first time to create the glory of the game? How confident is it to gain a foothold in the highly competitive gaming market? Let’s break it down in detail.

19.9mmSharp and thin body changes traditional design rules

First of all, in terms of appearance, the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 is very breakthrough. Unlike traditional gaming notebooks, in order to balance high-performance hardware and heat dissipation requirements, the body size is usually made thick and heavy. Honor took a more extreme route. With the efforts of the engineer team, the thickness of the fuselage was controlled to 19.9mm, which is also the iconic thickness of the industry’s high-end gaming products. In terms of the overall size, the Honor Hunter V700 is also controlled at 369.7mm*253mm*19.9mm, which is the same size as a traditional 15-inch notebook, but it is actually equipped with a 16.1-inch large screen.

Compared with the industry’s 15.6-inch gaming notebook, the viewing area of ​​the Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 has increased by 6.6%, with a wider field of view, and the left and right borders of the screen are only 4.7mm. In terms of screen quality, the Honor Hunter V700 is also excellent, with a resolution of 1920*1080, a high color gamut of 100% sRGB (typical value), and a contrast ratio of up to 1000:1. Whether you are playing games or playing high-definition videos, you can present lifelike details and vivid pictures.

The A side of Honor Hunter Gaming V700 is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which completely maintains the original essence of the metal. At the same time, it adopts anodizing process to further improve the wear resistance level and enhance the hardness. The Honor Hunter logo with faint lights exuding on the A side of the fuselage symbolizes the faith of the Honor Hunter; the streamlined design of the tail is matched with the blue hunter shoulder line with the talent of the Honor Hunter. The curve of the whole machine is beautiful and it looks like a powerful one. The ready-to-go sports car has a strong visual impact.

As an e-sports laptop, the Honor Hunter Gaming laptop V700 uses a customized four-color area backlit keyboard, a 29-key non-punch design, a hyperboloid keycap, a 1.8mm keystroke, and a 0.3mm key belly. Hit feel. The right side also retains a numeric keypad, which is convenient for gamers to control better, and also meets the needs of productivity.

·Strong hardware without shortcomings, Xeon configuration changes performance rules

The hardware configuration is very important for the gaming laptop. The Honor Hunter Gaming laptop V700 is uncompromising, using Intel’s latest tenth-generation smart Core i7-10750H processor (optional i5-10300H), with 6 cores, 12 threads, and 12MB cache , Base frequency 2.6GHz, support Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 and Intel Temperature Adaptive Turbo Boost Technology, the highest turbo frequency can reach 5.0GHz, leading a new era of 5GHz gaming.

Wang Rui, general manager of Intel China, also came to the press conference and told about the cooperation process between Intel and Honor. She said that the demand for strong performance is the main motivation for players to buy gaming laptops. At the same time, lightness and portability is also an important pursuit of players. In order to allow players to obtain the ultimate gaming experience, Honor and Intel have cooperated in depth to create this extraordinary The product-Honor Hunter gamebook V700, perfectly combines thinness and high performance. Honor and Intel join forces to change the battle.

In terms of graphics card, Honor Hunter V700 is equipped with NVIDIA up to GeForce RTX 2060 discrete graphics card (optional GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card), with up to 1920 stream processors, with a new generation of 192 Bit GDDR6 6GB video memory, whether it is for high-quality 3A games or creative production work Excellent experience.

The new GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card also supports ray tracing technology, which can make the game screen display more realistic and lifelike like a movie. With the support of Tensor Cores, turn on NVIDIA DLSS2.0 technology, which can further improve the processing of RTX GPU through AI deep learning. Efficiency, taking into account high-quality pictures and high frame rates, allowing users to get a smoother gaming experience.

In terms of storage configuration, the Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 comes standard with 16GB dual-channel high-speed memory and supports up to 32GB capacity expansion; the hard disk provides 512GB/1TB capacity PCIe NVMe high-performance SSD, and at the same time reserves the space for users to upgrade and expand.

·Five innovative technologies, flagship-level heat dissipation, change temperature control rules

For gaming laptops, powerful hardware configuration is just the foundation, and heat dissipation is the key indicator that determines performance output. In the case of adopting such a thin body, in order to improve the heat dissipation effect, Honor adopts a very creative lifting wind valley design on the Hunter game book V700. When the cover is turned off, the heat sink is retracted to maintain sharpness. Thin body; while opening the screen, the bottom wind valley channel is automatically opened to form an 8.5mm air intake three-dimensional wind valley. Compared with the Honor Hunter game book that does not open the lifting wind valley, the air intake is increased by 40%. The valley shaft has passed the rigorous test of the Honor Laboratory, and the number of opening and closing times is more than 50,000, ensuring its durability.

The Honor Hunter Gaming V700 uses a unique black radiator. Based on the air outlet fan for heat dissipation, it also conducts part of the heat to the enhanced heat dissipation structure of the air inlet based on the structural design characteristics of the wind valley. The high wind speed formed by the wind flow between the wind valley structure and the narrow passage of the enhanced heat dissipation structure realizes effective heat dissipation at the air inlet, which greatly enhances the heat dissipation capacity of the Honor Hunter V700.

Among them, the heat dissipation area of ​​the Heiyao radiator is as high as 28,542mm², with 240 0.1mm ultra-thin heat dissipation fins (the heat dissipation fin area is up to 75,134 mm²), and the overall heat dissipation area of ​​the fuselage is as high as 103,676 mm², which improves the heat dissipation efficiency in all aspects.

The Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 is also equipped with two powerful 12V fans (outer diameter 85*80mm). Compared with ordinary gaming notebooks, the 5V fan has a faster speed and larger air volume, which can accelerate the heat removal from the heat sink while keeping it low. noise. At the same time, the Honor Hunter gamebook V700 also added a self-developed dust removal and heat dissipation channel. Using the principle of high and low air pressure inside the fan, dust and debris are quickly discharged from the fan dust removal channel, effectively extending the service life of the radiator and improving the efficiency of the cooling system. Stability and heat dissipation efficiency.

According to actual measurement, in an environment with a room temperature of 26°C, the Honor Hunter Gaming V700 top version model uses AIDA64 FPU+FurMark dual baking for 72 minutes, the CPU power consumption is stable at 44.9W, the frequency is 3193MHz, the temperature is 89°C, and the GPU power consumption is stable at 101.1 W, the frequency is up to 1650MHz, and the temperature is only 77℃. It is amazing to achieve such a powerful performance output on such a thin and light body.

Based on the powerful configuration and excellent heat dissipation capability, the Honor Hunter Gaming V700 is naturally very good in the actual test game. It has excellent frame rate performance in mainstream games such as CS:GO and League of Legends.

·Multi-screen collaboration to support smart scenes to change experience rules

Solving the hardware configuration and heat dissipation problems, the Honor Hunter V700 did not stop, and further worked hard on the experience. For example, a dedicated Hunter key is set in the keyboard area. Through this key, the Honor Hunter V700 can switch freely among the three modes of mad combat mode, balanced mode and quiet mode, which fully meets the performance needs of players in different scenarios. .

In addition, Honor has also transplanted the multi-screen collaboration function on the MagicBook to the Honor Hunter gamebook V700. Previously, the multi-screen collaboration function on MagicBook solved the problem of file transfer between Windows and Android devices. With the simple and natural interactive method of dragging and dropping each other, it broke through the user pain points that traditional PC manufacturers have not been able to solve. The differentiated functions of the software are well received.

The Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 not only inherits all the features of multi-screen collaboration, but also innovatively added the one-touch recording highlight moment function. When playing the game, players only need to shake the phone and touch the touchpad area ( Built-in NFC antenna below), you can record the exciting game moments 30 seconds forward and 30 seconds backward, and after the recording is completed, it can be directly synchronized to the mobile phone for quick editing and sharing. Take the user’s gaming experience to the next level. In addition, the multi-screen collaboration function of Honor Hunter Gamebook V700 also provides a smoother mobile game live broadcast experience. With the powerful distributed screen projection capability of multi-screen collaboration, the screen and sound of the mobile game can be completely synchronized to the game notebook for further convenience. To meet the needs of users for live broadcast.

·When entering the market, the battle to subvert the industry will change

From the analysis of the above aspects, it is not difficult to see that the Honor Hunter gamebook V700 has achieved all-round breakthroughs in appearance, performance, innovation and other aspects, which is impressive among the increasingly homogeneous game products. bright.

In terms of price, the Honor Hunter Gaming Edition V700 is also surprising, offering a total of three configurations, including Core i5-10300H + 16GB RAM + 512GB SSD + GTX1660Ti exclusive display, priced at 7499 yuan; Core i7-10750H + 16GB RAM + 512GB SSD + RTX2060 optical pursuit exclusive display , Priced at 8499 yuan; Core i7-10750H + 16GB memory + 1TB solid state hard drive + RTX2060 optical tracking alone, priced at 9999 yuan. The pre-sale starts today, and now you can enjoy a discount of 100 yuan for the first sale of 600 yuan (except for the i7+1TB version), and the lowest hand price is only 6999.

In recent years, the game industry and the e-sports market have continued to be hot, and more and more users have begun to pay attention to and choose to buy game books. With the cross-border entry of Honor, market competition is bound to intensify. From the brand layout of Honor “HONOR HUNTER” and the V700 product of the Honor Hunter game, it is not difficult to see Honor’s ultimate pursuit of game products, and its determination and strength to stimulate the game market with technological innovation and dare to change the rules of battle. Faced with the glory of entering the game market for the first time, it is not clear whether many manufacturers are ready to fight.



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