The first time the live TV broadcasted with 5G network, the BBC immediately had trouble because ... SIM data was out of space - Photo 1.

For the first time live TV broadcasting with 5G network, the BBC immediately had trouble because … SIM has run out of data

On May 30, the EE operator launched the first 5G network in the UK fog country, specifically in some big cities like London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, and Manchester. According to the test of The Verge In London, EE's 5G network offers speeds ranging from 200Mbps to 980Mbps depending on the location, about 10 times faster than 4G speeds.

At significantly faster speeds, online video will be one of the most benefited areas. Not only can videos with higher quality be viewed while buffering time is less, users can also share live video in real-time (livestream) with low latency.

This application of the 5G network was immediately tested by the BBC news agency. During a live recording session, the image and sound signals were transferred from the BBC's stand where the reporter was standing to the TV station via the 5G network. However, there was a small incident that occurred in the first broadcast.

BBC live TV with 5G network

The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones said the live broadcast "It should have been done 15 minutes ago [so với thời điểm phát sóng]However, the whole system has suddenly stopped working. " The reason is very rare: the SIM card used by BBC to broadcast has run out of capacity.

Although this is a rare case, it also raises the question: What does the 5G "terrible" speed mean when users will be able to reach the limit of capacity in just a time? short?

For example, with the EE operator above, users will have to pay £ 32 to get 20GB of storage, or £ 52 (1.5 million) to get 100GB of storage. It is not difficult to see these small numbers that will quickly be used by resource consuming applications such as Youtube after a short time of use. This will definitely be an issue that operators need to solve in the near future when 5G technology becomes more and more popular.

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