For privacy and less ads, use this browser

For privacy and less ads, use this browser

( If you don’t want to be tracked by third parties, the FireFox browser is getting better and better at it.

Although it doesn’t have the big advantages like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, FireFox is becoming more and more secure for users. The upcoming FireFox 89 update will be even more secure by removing third-party cookie and user behavior tracking.

User behavior tracking and cookies allow third parties to display ads based on what interests the user. That can cause discomfort for many people. This is what many popular web browsers like Chrome do.

With the FireFox 89 update, third parties will no longer be able to track users. The statement was made by a FireFox representative. This browser will become more private for users.

Besides enhancing security, FireFox has also upgraded the interface to a simpler and more harmonious trend in the design of tabs, fonts or navigation.

Overall with the new update, FireFox really brings better protection for users. For their part, users will no longer have to worry about rampant advertising based on what they have done while surfing the web.


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