To make Wi-Fi at home faster, turn this device off right away - Picture 1.
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For faster Wi-Fi at home, turn off this device right away

During the period of social isolation to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, the most popular source of study, entertainment and work was the Internet. From watching movies, listening to music, livestreaming, playing games or meeting, working, studying online … all is done via network connection. Besides traditional wired and 4G network connection, wi-fi is one of the indispensable essentials during this time.

To create stability and speed up the use of Wi-fi networks, Ofcom UK’s Internet Regulatory Authority recently gave some useful tips. The agency points out that microwaves are one of the major “rivals” for Wi-fi.

“Did you know, the microwave will reduce the Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, if you are using the Internet for video calls, watching movies or working, please turn off the microwave immediately”.

To make Wi-Fi at home faster, turn this device off immediately - Picture 2.

Some other tips include

– Do not place the router near potentially interference devices such as sound systems, computer speakers, projectors, halogen lamps, etc.

– Limiting the tape consuming purposes during peak hours such as downloading movies, downloading games, video calls for too long.

– With laptops, it is preferable to use the normal wired network. Use Wi-fi only when absolutely necessary

– Avoid using Wi-Fi extension devices

– Mobile devices usually operate in the mode so even when you are not using. Therefore, disconnect the Wi-Fi in mobile phones so as you do not need.

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