#Food             You can quickly make a nostalgic snack with lentin! Take a breather with your mother’s taste “steamed bread”


As soon as you ate it, aren’t there any memories that remind you of your childhood? In the case of Oko, it is “steamed bread”. Just by smelling the scent, my heart travels back as a child. “My steamed bread had a large sweet potato in it,” “I had a fight with my sister and which one is bigger …”, and various memories come back. When you’re tired, this kind of time is also good. Between homework and work, take a break from the heart with a nostalgic taste.

Plain steamed bread

[Material](for 5 paper muffin cups with a diameter of 6 cm)

Light flour 100g, baking powder 1 teaspoon, milk 110ml, salad oil 1 tablespoon, sugar 30g, a little salt

[How to make]

1. Put sugar, salt, milk and oil in a bowl and mix with a whisk. When the whole mixture is mixed, soft flour and baking powder are combined and sifted, and further mixed until smooth.

2. Put 1 dough in the cup (about 5 minutes). Arrange them in a microwave oven at intervals and heat for 4 to 5 minutes until the surface rises slightly and you can touch it gently with your fingers. * Be sure to use a paper muffin cup that can be heated in a microwave oven. You can purchase it at a confectionery material store. If the inside of the microwave oven is a flat type, place it in the center part and heat it according to the usage of your model. If uneven heating occurs depending on the model, adjust the position by changing the position on the way.

(135kcal for 1 piece)



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