#Food Over 100 live enzymes!  Let's make a versatile seasoning "Shio Koji" from amazake
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#Food Over 100 live enzymes! Let’s make a versatile seasoning “Shio Koji” from amazake

Did you know that amazake made by fermenting porridge in a pot contains glucose, multivitamins and multiamino acids, and has the same effect as supplementing nutritional supplements by intravenous drip? It also has the effect of boosting immunity. In the process of fermentation, Jiuqu produces amylase, which converts starch in grains into glucose, and protease, which breaks down protein in rice into amino acids.

It is known that the salted jiuqu made from amazake contains more than 100 types of enzymes in addition to aminolases and proteases.

Shio-jiuqu can be preserved well, so if you use it as a seasoning in cooking, it will help to improve the intestinal environment and boost immunity. I would like to make great use of it as an excellent seasoning that is good for the body and delicious.

Steps to utilize salted jiuqu

Let’s make amazake, which is rich in B vitamins, oligosaccharides, and amino acids, and salted jiuqu.

[Step 1]Make amazake

First of all, make amazake to make salted jiuqu. Of course, it is also recommended to drink it as amazake!

[Material](1 liter of finished product)

For porridge
Rice … 200g
Water … 600ml (2.5 times the amount of rice)
Water … 400ml
Rice Jiuqu … 200g

[How to make]

1. 1. Cook rice porridge

Wash the rice, put it in a rice cooker, add 600 ml of water, and cook in porridge mode. After cooking, add 200 ml of water while keeping it warm. This will reduce the temperature to about 60 ° C.

2. Add rice jiuqu

Add the finely chopped rice jiuqu to flakes and mix well.

3. Insulate and ferment

With the lid of the rice cooker open, cover with a cloth and ferment in heat retention mode for 12 hours.

Four. Stir well

Add 200 ml of water and stir well to make it smooth. If you keep it warm for a whole day, it will become sweeter. Refrigerate.

● Can be stored refrigerated for 2 weeks. More than that, it is alcohol-fermented and becomes doburoku. Can be stored frozen for 1 year.For storage, it is recommended to boil and disinfect a glass bottle with a lid.

● When drinking as amazake, divide 1 amazake with 3 parts of water or hot water. An appropriate amount is one glass a day.

[Step 2]Make salted jiuqu

Make salted jiuqu with the amazake and salt. It’s very easy to make!
17kcal per tablespoon / 1.3g salt

[Material](Easy to make / 110g finished)

Amazake (homemade) … 100g
Salt … 10g

[How to make]

1. 1. Add salt

Put amazake and salt in a heat-resistant bowl.

2. mix well

Mix well until smooth.

3. Heat in the microwave

Heat in a microwave oven (150-200W) for 30 seconds without wrapping.

Four. Further heating

After 20 minutes, heat in the microwave for 30 seconds, and repeat twice more. Transfer to a container and leave at room temperature for 12 hours to complete.

  [View image]Over 100 live enzymes!  Let's make a versatile seasoning

● Can be stored refrigerated for 3 months and frozen for 1 year.

Sachiko Murakami

Sachiko Murakami

Culinary expert / registered dietitian. Born in Fukuoka in 1942. Visiting professor at the Department of Food and Health, Faculty of International Humanities, Fukuoka Women’s University. Involved in research aimed at extending healthy life expectancy with the power of ingredients.

Interview / text / Misa Ishii Photo / Masakage Nakano


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