Focusing on the development of new ADC anti-tumor drugs, "Pufang Bio" completed a pre-A round of financing of over 10 million US dollars

Focusing on the development of new ADC anti-tumor drugs, “Pufang Bio” completed a pre-A round of financing of over 10 million US dollars

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It is reported that “Pufang Bio” has recently completed a pre-A round of financing of over US$10 million. This round of financing was led by Xianfeng Cowin, followed by Gaorong Capital and Changan Capital. The funds raised will be mainly used to promote the development of the company’s ADC new anti-tumor drug product pipeline.

Founded in 2018, “Pufang Bio” is a biotechnology company focusing on the development of ADC drugs for solid tumor treatment. It is committed to developing innovative targeted drugs through a proprietary platform to achieve targeted drug delivery to tumors and achieve greater Treatment window, thereby improving and improving the treatment effect of cancer patients. The company has developed a drug-linker platform with independent intellectual property rights.

ADC drugs are antibody-conjugated drugs. The mechanism of action is to link small-molecule drugs with high biological activity, especially high cytotoxicity, to highly specific monoclonal antibodies through chemical linkages. The monoclonal antibodies serve as carriers to target small-molecule drugs for delivery In the target tissues and cells, it can achieve precise strikes on specific tumors, while reducing the toxic and side effects on normal tissues. ADC drugs are mainly used in the field of anti-tumor, which is one of the hot research directions in recent years.

According to Dr. Wang Yunhai, director of Qiyun Investment, the lead investor of this round, “After more than 20 years of research accumulation and innovation, antibody-conjugated drugs (ADC drugs) have entered the take-off stage, and they are both in the treatment of hematological tumors and solid tumors. Shows a huge application prospect. In the two years from 2019 to 2020, a total of 5 ADC drugs have been approved worldwide, and dozens of ADC drugs are in the clinical stage. There will be opportunities for a large number of drugs in this field in the next five to ten years.”

ADC drugs have a clear mechanism and significant anti-cancer potential, but currently there are only 9 ADC drugs approved on the market. The difficulty in developing ADC drugs mainly lies in the selection of tumor targets and corresponding conjugate drugs. “Pufang Bio” is building the company’s new technology platform, designing and synthesizing highly active drugs with more ideal mechanisms and physical and chemical properties, and developing more optimized conjugates for the creation of next-generation ADC drugs.

“Pufang Bio” product pipeline

“Pufang Bio” co-founder Dr. Zhao Boteng said that “Pufang Bio” focuses on the development of differentiated ADC products. The innovative drug platform built by the company is expected to further increase the treatment window, increase the range of targets that can be developed, and rapidly expand the R&D pipeline and indication group based on the safety or effectiveness of existing drugs. In order to improve the conversion success rate from the laboratory to the clinic, the company has also adopted advanced computer modeling analysis prediction and more effective in vitro and in vivo screening programs in the research.

In the selection of ADC indications, Pufang Bio is mainly focused on the treatment of solid tumors. This is because the “Pufang Biology” team believes that compared with the existing multiple new treatment options and market competition for hematological cancers, solid tumors have a more urgent need for new drugs with better curative effects and a broader market. At the same time, many treatments with clear curative effects on hematological cancers do not perform well on solid tumors, especially targeted drugs, reflecting the challenges of targeted drug delivery to solid tumors and deviations in drug design.

In terms of the founding team, Dr. Zhao Boteng, the co-founder and CEO of “Pufang Bio”, is a well-known expert in ADC drug research. He has worked in internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Merck and Seagen in the United States, and participated in supporting the pre-clinical development of multiple ADC drugs. And clinical development; co-founder and COO Dr. Han Taixi has 15 years of research and development experience in the field of small molecule and antibody drugs. He has worked in internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies Merck, Seagen, AbbVie/Stemcentrx and Amphivena; co-founder, CTO Dr. Shang Xiao has more than 20 years of early R&D, CMC process and production experience. He has worked in Chinese and American pharmaceutical companies such as Seagen and Beijing Sinochem Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

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