Focusing on precision interventional treatment of lung diseases, "Kunbo Medical" completed tens of millions of dollars in Series D financing

Focusing on precision interventional treatment of lung diseases, “Kunbo Medical” completed tens of millions of dollars in Series D financing

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It is reported that “Broncus” (Broncus)Has recently completed tens of millions of dollars in Series D financing.This round of financing was led by Fangyuan Capital, followed by Exome Asset Management, Xia Yan Capital, and Pulin Capital. The company has also received funding from Qiming Venture Capital, Qingchi Capital, Baidu Capital, Jishi Capital, Dehong Capital, Intuitive SurgicalThree rounds of financing from other venture capital institutions.

After this round of financing, “Kunbo Medical” will continue to invest in the development and upgrade of core products in lung cancer and emphysema interventional therapy, clinical research and global market layout, and accelerate the improvement of the company’s interventional diagnosis under the whole lung navigation To the integrated solution of treatment.

“Kunbo Medical” was established in 2012,It is an enterprise focusing on R&D and production of precision interventional diagnosis and treatment technology for lung diseases. Based on its unique real-time image fusion whole lung navigation technology, the company has built an integrated lung diagnosis and treatment product pipeline from diagnosis to treatment based on AI and algorithms.

“Kunbo Medical” ARCHIMEDES® Lung Arrival Platform

In the Global Cancer Report released by the World Health Organization in 2018, lung cancer was the cancer with the highest incidence in the world in 2018, accounting for 11.6% of the total number of new cancer cases that year. In China alone, there are nearly 800,000 new cases of lung cancer each year, and 70-80% of them are at an advanced stage when lung cancer is discovered. But the five-year survival rate of early lung cancer can reach about 90%, which is six times that of advanced lung cancer. Therefore, early diagnosis and early treatment are the most effective means to prolong the survival time of lung cancer patients. “Kunbo Medical” targetsArrival of whole lung lesionsofThe navigation platform serves this link.

“Kunbo Medical” has obtained 200 patent authorizations worldwide,Its LungPro system is the only navigation system in the world that achieves full lung reach. It has the world’s only patent protection for transbronchial airway navigation technology. This system realizes BTPNA (bronchoscopic transparenchymal nodule arrival).It enables clinicians to perform interventional operations on the entire lung via airway approach, and has obtained US FDA, European CE and Chinese NMPA certification.

In addition to the LungPro system, “Kunbo Medical” InterVapor hot steam treatment emphysema system, FleXNeedle biopsy needle, BioStar disposable endoscope suction biopsy needle, adjustable adjustable sheath and other interventional consumables have been established in different countries. The region has been approved for listing, and projects such as radiofrequency ablation for lung cancer have also entered the stage of pre-market clinical trials.

According to IFR, a media of Reuters, the “Kunbo Medical” plan will be carried out this year for 300 million US dollars (about 2.34 billion Hong Kong dollars)Hong Kong IPO,Goldman Sachs is the arranger.

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