Focusing on chronic metabolic and immune diseases, "Xinweida Bio" completed 250 million yuan in Series B financing

Focusing on chronic metabolic and immune diseases, “Xinweida Bio” completed 250 million yuan in Series B financing

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It is reported that “Xianweida Biological” has recently completed 250 million yuan in Series B financing. This round of financing was led by Jifeng Capital, and the original investors Junlian Capital and Haibang Investment continued to participate in this financing. Dr. Pan Hai, the founder, chairman and CEO of “Xianweida Bio”, said that the funds raised in this round of financing will be used to advance clinical projects and promote other First-in-Class/Best-in-class candidates in the pipeline The drug enters the clinical stage as soon as possible, while further expanding the talent team.

Founded in 2017, “Xinweida Bio” is a clinical-stage innovative biopharmaceutical research and development company, focusing on the field of chronic metabolic and immune diseases, and is committed to developing the world’s first or best-in-class macromolecular innovative drugs. The company has core technology platforms such as oral peptide drugs and macromolecule inhalation. Based on these core platforms, the company has established a research and development pipeline including 6 candidate innovative drugs, hoping to treat various diseases such as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Among them, XW003 has completed phase I clinical studies overseas, and plans to launch phase II clinical trials for a number of metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity, and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, etc.) in 2021; in addition, the company is expected to submit two clinical trials in 2021. A clinical trial application, including an oral GLP-1 drug.

“Xianweida Bio” R&D pipeline

It is understood that among the indications that XW003 focuses on, obesity, diabetes and fatty liver (abbreviation for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) are a group of closely related chronic endocrine and metabolic diseases. Obesity can increase the risk of diabetes by 5 times, and 20-45% of diabetic patients are obese. 60~90% of obese patients have fatty liver, and 40% of diabetic patients have fatty liver. 20~45% of fatty liver patients have diabetes, which can increase the risk of diabetes by 2~3 times. The common pathogenesis of obesity, diabetes and NASH is insulin resistance, and NASH has no approved drugs so far.

According to Gloria British Pharmaceutical News, there are about 30 domestic companies that have NASH pipelines, including Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical, Guangshengtang, Zhengda Tianqing, Jun Shengtai, Dongyang Sunshine, Microchip, Geli, Xianweida, Tuo Zhen, Tasly, Kelun, Paige, Kangzhe Pharmaceutical, etc., basically cover the current popular NASH drug targets in terms of mechanism of action. Among them, the fastest-growing products mostly adopt the method of cooperation with foreign companies. Domestic companies that have introduced NASH pipelines from abroad include Tuozhen Bio, Shanghai Hengyi, Geli Pharmaceutical, and Kangzhe Pharmaceutical.

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