Focus on short video marketing, 36Kr provides one-stop content marketing solutions for Volkswagen China

Focus on short video marketing, 36Kr provides one-stop content marketing solutions for Volkswagen China

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On June 15th, 36氪 (Nasdaq: KRKR), an excellent brand and pioneering platform dedicated to serving participants in the new economy in China, reached a cooperation with Volkswagen China in content marketing services to provide them with customized short video marketing solutions. It is also part of the 2021 marketing cooperation project between Volkswagen China and 36Kr.

In this marketing cooperation project, 36Kr produced an 8-minute short video about future smart cars for Volkswagen China, presenting Volkswagen China’s car-making technology and insights on future travel modes from multiple angles, and fully showing Volkswagen China Transition from a OEM to a travel service provider. This professionally customized video content was launched on 36KrB, Douyin, Watermelon, Kuaishou, Weibo and other full video platform accounts, attracting a large number of users to watch and arousing widespread discussion.

36氪 has been vigorously developing original high-quality video since 2020, relying on its 10 years of accumulation in new economic graphic content and resources, to output high-quality, easy-to-understand and disseminate video content, covering technology, business, finance, Education, personal growth and other topics, and soon gained market recognition. Short video content is an important supplement to the 36Kr content matrix. So far, 36Kr has formed a comprehensive content matrix including graphics, video, audio and live broadcast.

In addition, 36Kr short video has formed an effective content distribution network across mainstream third-party platforms, including station B, Douyin, Kuaishou, Watermelon, Xiaohongshu and WeChat video account. As of the first quarter of 2021, the number of fans of 36Kr on third-party video platforms has exceeded 4.5 million, and the total number of video views has reached 60 million. The traffic on the whole network has continued to grow. In the first quarter, the average monthly PV of the whole network of 36Kr reached 830 million. To achieve continuous growth for 12 consecutive quarters. More and more users and customers recognize the value of 36氪 short video content, and some well-known brands have begun to cooperate with 36氪 in the field of short video marketing. Up to now, 36 krypton short video has reached video marketing service cooperation with Yili, Huawei, HP and many other high-quality brands.

36氪 B station account

36氪 CEO Feng Dagang said, “We are very pleased to see the tremendous progress made in the short video business. The success of Volkswagen’s video marketing program shows that 36氪 is capable of providing customers with a series of comprehensive content marketing solutions, which further validates the 36氪 platform. We believe that the rapid development of 36Kr short video business will promote the continuous growth of our network-wide traffic, enhance user participation, open up new revenue growth space, and continue to strengthen our role as a service player in China’s new economy The core competitiveness of the outstanding brand and pioneering platform. We believe that with the rise of short video in the entire digital content industry, 36Kr is fully prepared and will surely seize the huge commercialization opportunity.”


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