Focus analysis丨High-end or the public, OnePlus mobile phones on the balance beam
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Focus analysis丨High-end or the public, OnePlus mobile phones on the balance beam

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Author丨Qiu Xiaofen

Editor丨Su Jianxun

In the fierce Chinese mobile phone market, OnePlus may be a special presence.

In 2013, when China’s mobile phone shipments were rapidly climbing, Lei Jun’s Xiaomi and Huang Zhang’s Meizu both joined the mobile phone tactics from the boutique route. At that time, OnePlus and Hammer continued to adhere to the boutique route. One chose the high-end market and the other stuck to the mid-range. Now the former is still insisting, and the latter has been acquired.

If you follow OnePlus, you will know that OnePlus only has two press conferences in China each year, and the product released in the second one is not a product with major changes.

“Only make flagships” and “two flagships a year” are guidelines that have been repeatedly emphasized during OnePlus’s entrepreneurial process. This positioning also makes OnePlus seem a little arrogant all the time. It is also a mobile phone brand of Oga Group. OnePlus rarely does some binding and collaboration with OPPO, regardless of channel, operating system or brand.

The situation is slowly changing.

On October 15, Liu Zuohu, CEO of OnePlus, at the press conference of OnePlus 8TFrankly stated the next three directions that need to be “bigger”-channels, ecology and products. This means that in the future, OnePlus will supplement the product lines other than the flagship in the mobile phone product line, including the collaboration with the entire Ouga, and the follow-up will continue to deepen.

Actually fromSince last year, OnePlus has been getting rid of the label of niche brands. Niche and high-end, or best-selling and popular, are two different directions. Cannot abandon the high-end OnePlus, and is embarking on a balance beam seeking change.

Liu Zuohu at the OnePlus 8T press conference provided by the manufacturer

OnePlus’ changes, the most important thing will still fall on the product.

An obvious trend is that OnePlus has released more and more models in the past two years.Be carefulObservation, we can find that the configuration gap between OnePlus T series and digital series is not too big, but the price difference has been deepening. The former was released later but “increased volume and reduced prices.”

It is not difficult to understand that with the enhancement of flagship functions of OnePlus’ digital products, the cost and price of models have naturally risen. OnePlus 8 Pro even exceeded the price of 5,000 yuan for the first time. In contrast,OnePlus T series has a tendency to be delegated, The cost performance is higher, and the prices of previous products have not risen greatly. The generations of OnePlus 3T to OnePlus 8T basically hover around 3000 yuan.

Behind this, OnePlus’s consideration is,Let the more cost-effective T series take on more tasks; And the digital series with higher and higher prices, in addition to sticking to the basic disk of high-end models,It’s also the stage of harvesting brand value. At the same time, the price gap has widened, which also made it possible to install more products.

OnePlus has released more and more products in recent years, and the price gap between the T series and the digital series is also widening. Image by 36氪

This pricing and product strategy is actuallyIt is also a compromise solution to make up for the shortcomings of OnePlus.As early as 2015, OnePlus launched the mid-range model OnePlus X. The background at that time was that the first generation of OnePlus became popular because of the extremely high cost performance. OnePlus 2 was dragged down by the Snapdragon 820 and its stamina was insufficient. The models that filled the schedule were squeezed into the 1,500 yuan price range for the first time-this type of audience was more sensitive to prices and parameters. At that time, OnePlus X did not perform well in the product configuration at the same price. All kinds of small slots, such as design, design, etc., have lost sales, which has caused this series to be sealed in dust.

At that time, it was also the darkest moment of OnePlus. With the failure of two consecutive models of OnePlus and the failure of its aggressive offline expansion, OnePlus decided to return to the line at that time and shut down the offline stores except for the two experience stores in Beijing and Shanghai. All stores.With lessons learned, OnePlus has always been cautious in the layout of mid-range models.

But the mobile phone market today is completely different from five years ago.

The risk of mobile phone companies taking the boutique route is that they all hope to bet on one or two products. Once the sales performance of the error is predicted to be poor, and the brand power cannot be found, it will be a fatal blow to the mobile phone company. In addition, the mobile phone market has now entered the stock market from the incremental market, and “small and beautiful” no longer has much room for survival.Only by covering different price ranges can we meet the different needs of more users.

Not only OnePlus, many mobile phone brands have actually realized this.In the low-end market, Redmi, Honor, and Realme, which have just entered China for more than a year, are benchmarking against each other. Realme has been benchmarking against Honor Redmi models, and the three are still Radical expansion of full-price models. In the high-end camp, Samsung has long established its strategy of taking the opportunity to move forward. Apple has also “stepped down from the altar” this year to complement products in the price range below 3,000 yuan.

In contrast,OnePlus is much more conservative:The OnePlus 8T pro version was cancelled, and after a few years, it finally released the Nord series in India for the first time in the test water. This version has not kept up with the National Bank version in China.

In any case, the time has come when OnePlus can no longer remain niche. However, this bowl of water may not be so good.

In order to expand the mass market, OnePlus’ subsequent expansion of non-flagship product lines may also compete with other Oga’s brand products. For example, after the release of OnePlus 8T, some users believe that this product has many similarities with Realme X70 pro in appearance and configuration. And before Oga’s 65W fast charging technology is installed on the OnePlus 8T, Realme has preemptively put the 65W fast charging into the 2000 yuan model.

In addition, the practice of widening the price difference between the T series and the digital series may also affect the sales of the early digital series, and may turn some users who master the law into a “waiting party.”

Another irreversible objective reason for this year is that before the release of OnePlus 8T, Pei Yu, one of the co-founders and responsible for the Nord series, left to start a business, and CEO Liu Zuohu also served as Oga’s chief product experience officer, and his energy needs to be dispersed to To OPPO’s high-end flagship series Find and the Reno series.

It is undeniable that OnePlus has already torn a hole in the high-end mobile phone brand market at home and abroad. The important factor behind this is that OnePlus has a high price-performance ratio among high-end products. Take OnePlus 7 as an example, which is far from the iPhone X in the same period. The difference in configuration is not too big, but the price is only half.

And when the price of OnePlus digital series is getting higher and higher, can the original “cost-effective fans” be kept?The key is whether the brands that fall into OnePlus can continue to attract users to pay for the higher premium. Whether the T series can continue to undertake the task of expanding sales depends on whether it can differentiate from the subsequent expansion of the product line of OnePlus.

In 2020, all models of OnePlus have been released, and OnePlus will expand offline channels and ecological products. This year, OnePlus has expanded part of its online and offline channels with the help of operators and Ouga. It has also tested several headphone products (OnePlus Buds/Z) and TV products (U series/Y series) in India. On the other hand, OPPO will also test the IoT family bucket in China in the near future. For OnePlus and Ouga, in addition to the basic mobile phone, the next IoT is also a tough battle.

At the press conference of OnePlus 8T, Liu Zuohu said that “high-end is the pursuit of perfect balance.”Next, OnePlus, which is no longer a niche, has to find a balance between maintaining high-end and expanding sales, as well as a balance between basic mobile phones and expanding channels/ecology.

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