This is a real-life Iron Man armor made of titanium in 3D: flying with 5 jet engines, fighting against bullets - Photo 1.

fly with 5 jet engines, resist bombs

Remember the program MythBusters was shown on Discovery? One of the two main characters, Adam Savage is having another similar show on Discovery, named Savage Builds. The first episode was only afternoon on Friday, revolving around Adam Savage asking for a titanium Iron Man armor, and then mounting a jet engine to get the real Iron Man spear.

Titanium armor is made by 3D printing technology provided by Colorado University, 5 jet engines lent by Gravity Industries. "", Adam Savage confidently affirmed.

This is the details of the assembly process and the real-life Iron Man test.

This is how Adam Savage brought real Iron Man armor.

The armor was able to fly up, but where was its bulletproof ability? Certainly when you have this armor in hand, you will also ask this question. But only a few people have a rare opportunity, and can be tested with armor.

This short video will be part of the real-life Iron Man armor-proof test:

Can the real armor of Iron Iron fight bullets?

As a result, Discovery knows how to make trailers. After finishing 3 minutes, people will immediately inhibit, want to see the outcome. You can monitor Savage Builds program on Discovery, or … see the rest according to this link.

In addition to testing with three size bullets, Adam Savage also tried to resist the pressure of a mechanical explosion. Indeed Savage Builds is a worthwhile program, satisfying our thirst since MythBusters originally stopped early last year.

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